Executive direction of two films for task force Iraq of Ministry of foreign arrair, general direction for the Mediterranean and Middle eastern countries.
The project is part of the program developed by the Dhi Qar PRT.

documentary, Italy 2007

Project carried out by: Doc Fest; Project overseer: Lucia Gotti Venturato
“Ancient Songs” is an audio-visual recording of the earliest popular Iraqi songs and music, otherwise destined to disappear.
Filming in Iraq also involved personnel trained in Palermo under the Task Force initiative “Sun and Moon Doc Fest”.

documentary, Italy 2007
Project carried out by: Doc Fest; Project overseer: Lucia Gotti Venturato
The film documents all of the public and private initiatives, projects and works promoted by Task Force Iraq and carried out by Italian institutions and firms in support of the population, the new government and the country’s infrastructure, with filming in both Italy and Iraq.
Film shot in Iraq was also the work of personnel trained in Palermo during the Task Force initiative, “Sun and Moon Doc Fest”.


Since May 2003, Italian interventions in Iraq mainly aimed at developing and democratically reconstruct Iraqi institutions in order to return the Iraqi population the possibility to manage their own administration bodies. Italian actions covered three main fields:

* Support in the reconstruction of Iraqi institutions;
* Immediate interventions aimed at facing the most urgent necessities of the Iraqi populations;
* Support the development of an infrastructural platform aimed at helping new Iraq to overcome the lack of facilities which had been burdening the Country since 1980s.

116 projects involving institutions, associations, Italian and Iraqi companies were undertaken. “L’Italia per l’Iraq” is this – and much more than this. Activities are being continued and intensified, in agreement with the Iraqi institutions and thanks to a coordination granted by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs through a special “Task Force Iraq” led by the General Management Board for Mediterranean and Middle-East Countries, which relies on the collaboration with consultants in Nassiriya and Erbil.

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