Gianluca Costantini’s drawings 

Palazzo dei Trecento
11-17 September

Food for life

Sala dei Trecento
12-16 September

Food for Life is a showcase conceived in collaboration with the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC, main sponsor of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival since its first edition in Treviso in 2014. For this fourth year we propose a series of three events dedicated to the topic of taste, food and environment in its various facets. Each event will be characterized by a tasting offered by local producers, with the support of Ecor NaturaSì.

12 September
Theater of life, Peter Svatek
Canada, 2016, 94’, v.o. sott. In italiano/o.v. Italian subtitles

14 September
Bugs, Andrea Johnsen
Danimarca, Paesi Bassi, Francia, Germania, Norvegia, 2016, 73’, v.o. sott. in
italiano/o.v. English with Italian subtitles

16 September
Il tempo delle api, Rossella Anitori, Darel Di Gregorio
Italia, 2017, 94’, italiano/Italian

Music in Doc

Sala dei Trecento, TRA – Ca’ dei Ricchi
11-16 September

A showcase focused on documentaries about music. Art speaks of itself, the film becomes the interpreter of the interior world of the artist and captures his creative gesture.

11 September
22.00 Sala dei Trecento
La Chana, Lucija Stojevic
Islanda, USA, Spagna 2016, 82’, v.o. sott. in italiano/o.v. with Italian subtitles

12 September
22.00 Sala dei Trecento
Nick Cave – 20.000 days on earth, Ian Forsyth, Jane Pollard
UK, 2014, 97’, v.o. sott. in italiano/o.v. English with Italian subtitles

13 September
19.00 TRA – Ca’ dei Ricchi
Caravane Touareg, Arnaud Zajtman, Marlène Rabaud
Belgio, 2016, 57’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano/o.v. with English and Italian subtitles

14 September
21.00 Sala dei Trecento
Aquagranda in Crescendo, Giovanni Pellegrini
Italia, 2017, 77’, v.o. sott. in Inglese / o.v. with English subtitles

Special event
In cooperation with Cineforum Labirinto
16 September
21.30 Sala dei Trecento
Nanook of the North, Robert J. Flaherty
Usa, 1922, 70’, v.o. muto con sottotitoli in inglese/o.v. silent movie with English subtitles
Live Music by
Maestro Bruno Cesselli – piano

Musical walk
Curated by Musica in valigia
16 September
Treviso. Il luogo e la sua musica
Guided by Paola Gallo
Reservation appreciated: [email protected] +39-3381577593


Chronicles from the 20’s. Take a walk on the young side
15 September
Sala dei Trecento, TRA – Ca’ dei Ricchi
19.00 Presentation of the project with Tommaso Valente

Chronicles in progress!
15-16 September
10-18 Infopoint Loggia dei 300

Chronicles from the 20s filmakers will interview young people from the staff and guests of the festival.

16 September
18.30 TRA – Ca’ dei Ricchi
In cooperation with Edizioni BeccoGiallo e TCBF

Presentation of the Graphic Novel
Chinamen. Un secolo di cinesi a Milano, Ciaj Rocchi, Matteo Demonte
Published by Edizioni BeccoGiallo

Chinamen. Un secolo di cinesi a Milano, Ciaj Rocchi, Matteo Demonte
Italia, 2017, 22’, v.o. sott. in Inglese/ o.v. with English subtitles

An animated documentary and a graphic novel that tell 100 years of Chinese immigration in Milan and Italy. For the occasion some drawings from the book will be exhibited.

16 September
10-18.00 Infopoint Loggia dei 300
In cooperation with Uqido

The documentary in the virtual reality

The Festival in collaboration with Uquido will give you the opportunity to experience Virtual Reality and discover how new technologies help to tackle social issues, new forms of empathy to improve the context in which we live.

18.00 Palazzo dei 300
Il documentario nella realtà virtuale
Meet Pier Mattia Avesani, CEO di Uqido.