19.00 Inaugurazione Mostra fotografica | Opening Photografic Exhibition

19.30 Saluti e aperitivo inaugurali | Opening greetings & Drinks

20.30 Anima Mediterranea, Performance Balletto di Palermo



Elizabeth’s playground, Maris Kerge, Erik Norkroos
Estonia 2015, 28’, v.o. sottotitoli in italiano e inglese | o.v., Italian and English subtitles

4-year-old Elizabeth was born in the family of former ballet dancers and she has spent most of her life in the ballet with her parents. She knows all the members of the Estonia Ballet company by their names and knows all the performances by heart as she has seen them so many times. Elizabeth loves, or to be exact, adores ballet, but would it be like this if she had other choices? This is little Elizabeth’s journey in the magical world of ballet, where real life meets illusion and fairytales may come true.



L’Avventura, Michelangelo Antonioni
Italia, Francia | Italy, France 1960, 140’,v.o.

A group of rich Italians is on a cruise off the coast of Sicily when one of them, a girl, mysteriously disappears. Her boyfriend and her close woman friend search her, but their research become less and less desperate. «Movies can be pleasant or bitter, light or painful. “L’Avventura” is a bitter one, often painful. The pain of the dying feelings or the blooming ones in which we can glimpse the end in the very moment of their birth. Everything is told in a language that I tried to keep bare of effects» (Antonioni).

L avventura CIneteca Nazionale




Wir waren rebellen, Katharina von Schroeder, Florian Schewe
Germania |Germany 2014, 93’, v.o. sottotitoli in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles

The documentary film tells the story of Agel, a former child soldier who returns to South Sudan to help build up his country. The film accompanies him over a period of two years – from South Sudan gaining its independence in 2011 to the renewed outbreak of civil war in December 2013. As captain of the national basketball team of South Sudan – the youngest country in the world – Agel coaches the team through their very first international match against Uganda. The conflicts within the team bear a striking resemblance to the political problems festering across the country.




The sound before the fury, Lola Frederich, Martin Sarrazac
Francia |France 2014, 88’, v.o. sottotitoli in italiano e inglese | o.v. Italian and English subtitles

In January 1972, Archie Shepp recorded the album Attica Blues as an homage to the Attica prison rebellion, 40 years later he revisits this music. We follow him along with 25 musicians through days of intense rehearsal to the opening concert in Paris. “The sound before the fury” interweaves this narrative with images from the rebellion, and interviews of the leaders recorded in 1972. We witness Shepp’s determination to transmit, beyond the notes, the meaning and feeling of his music; we discover the ties, some intimate, that the musicians have with the Attica events.


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