20.00   Premiazione| Award ceremony



Il Viaggio di Giuseppantonio da Napoli a Marsiglia
Ambrogio Sparagna, Valentina Ferraiuolo, Erasmo Treglia


A vocal-instrumental project that allows you to get closer to the mastery of composition and the passionate interpretation of one of the most important musicians on the landscape of the new Italian popular music, who is also a virtuous squeezebox performer. “The Giuseppantonio’s journey” explores the Italian musical traditions through a series of original songs composed by Ambrogio Sparagna and accompanied by a small orchestra of instruments ranging from squeezebox to conch shell, from tambourines to hurdy-gurdy, from chitarra battente to horn violin. The central theme is the mythical Giuseppantonio and his fellow musicians’ journey on foot, started in the early ‘900, from Naples to Marseille. An “opposite” pilgrimage, along the Via Francigena. Sparagna, through words and music, brings us along this itinerary, including serenades and ballads, lullabies and love tarantella, frenetic rhythms and “saltarelli”, always involves the public dancing to the beat of music.
A lively and engaging show by one of the most important authors and performers of the Italian folk scene.



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