Programme Tuesday, September 12th 2017 | Sole Luna Doc Film Festival Treviso

Sole Luna Treviso Doc Film Festival
11-17 settembre / September 2017
Sala dei Trecento
TRA, Ca’ dei Ricchi
Ingresso gratuito/free entrance

Martedì 12 settembre | Tuesday September 12th

Sala dei Trecento
19.00 food for life
Theater of life
Peter Svatek, Canada 2016, 94’
v.o. sott. ita. | o.v. Ita. sub.

Theater of life is about the Refettorio Ambrosiano, an extraordinary soup kitchen conceived by renowned chef Massimo Bottura during the Milan 2015 World’s Fair. Massimo invited 60 of the world’s best chefs to join him to cook for refugees and the homeless of Milan. All meals were made from the waste food of Expo.


degustazione | tasting


20.30 concorso | competition
The black sheep
Antonio Martino, Italia 2016, 72’,
v.o. sott. ita. | o.v. Ita. sub.

Ausman, has fought for the Libyan revolution, even been a pacifist, as he was convinced to fight for freedom and democracy. Nothing went as he thought: violence and religious extremism are spreading every day more. Today he feels as a stranger in his country. What will be his final wor(l)d?

The Black Sheep Trailer | by Antonio Martino from BoFilm on Vimeo.


22.00 music in doc
Nick Cave. 20.000 days on earth
Ian Forsyth, Jane Pollard, UK 2014, 97’
v.o. sott. ita. | o.v. Eng., Ita. sub.

Drama and reality combine in a fictitious 24 hours in the life of musician and international cultural icon Nick Cave. With startlingly frank insights and an intimate portrayal of the artistic process, the film examines what makes us who we are, and celebrates the transformative power of the creative spirit.


TRA, Ca’ dei Ricchi
19.30 incontri / meetings
Casa Respiro, un’esperienza di welfare generativo
con | with Mario Vanin, Maria Grazia Tonon

21.00 concorso | competition
Intégration Inch’Allah
Pablo Muñoz Gomez, Belgio 2016, 59’,
v.o. sott. ita e ing | o.v. Ita. and Eng. sub.

They have just arrived in Brussels. Newly arrived immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Morocco have to follow a mandatory integration course in Flanders, called « inburgering ». To obtain their certificate, they will have to learn the habits and customs of Flanders and Belgium. With humor and tenderness, the film follows these characters throughout their journey.

22.00 concorso | competition
Mohammad Jouri, Iraq, 2015, 8’
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

After the war started in Syria, many Kurdish people living in Syria fled to Kurdistan-Iraq. This situation influenced many children’s lives: they had to leave their schools and start working in business, even though they were still too young. Alan is one of those children. He has a difficult economic situation, his father and Alan himself are sick and need medication, and because his father cannot work, Alan must work in the camps


Nowhere line: voices from Manus Island
Lukas Schrank, Australia – Inghilterra, 2015, 15’
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

Two asylum-seeking men detained in Australia’s Manus Island Offshore Processing Centre, recounting the dangerous journeys that brought them to the island and their memories of the riot that erupted in 2014.

Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island (trailer) from Lukas Schrank on Vimeo.


Ma fille Nora
Jasna Krajinovic, Belgio, Francia 2016, 16’
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

Nora, Samira’s daughter, left for Syria in May 2013. Since then, her mother leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to bring Nora home. Ma fille Nora is a letter that Samira wrote to Nora. It follows Samira in her fight to prevent other youths from leaving, her trip to the Syrian border and her painful, everyday life torn between hope and the fear of losing her daughter in the war in Syria.



The living of pigeons
Baha’ Abu Shanab, Palestina, 2014, 17′
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

A haunting glimpse of the surreal early morning hours and the daily experience of “rush hour” at Checkpoint 300, which separates Bethlehem in the West Bank from Jerusalem



22.30 concorso | competition

A woman’s story
Azra Rashid, Canada, 2015, 52’
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

A look at genocide, survival, and physical and cultural continuity through the eyes of three women who have experienced three different genocides of the 20th century. Shot on location in Canada, Poland, Bangladesh and Rwanda, A Woman’s Story features three strong women who are connected by the thread of survival. Each one becomes aware of the story of the other, and by this they become more determined to continue their essential duty. By putting women at the center of the narrative and transcending their victimization, this film highlights their resilience and survival.

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