dialogo con / talk with
Ian Brennan, Marilena Delli Umuhoza

Marilena Delli Umuhoza and Ian Brennan have been working for over ten years on internationally successful albums with street artists from the world’s least represented countries. During the meeting, Marilena Delli Umuhoza will talk about her book testimony Negretta. Baci Razzisti and about the representation of the new generations of Italians in the social and media landscape that has a crucial role in the definition of their identities.
Ian Brennan will discuss media racism in the music sector, in a world dominated by a western sound with all the risks, losses and impoverishment of the soundscape that this involves.
The meeting will end with the projection of shots by Marilena Delli Umuhoza and films from the most remote and musically “invisible” areas of the world, exemplifying Brennan’s working method, his idea of expressive freedom and his privileged interlocutors: rat sellers, prisoners, ostracised groups and many others. During the talk the following videos will be screened: Comorian, We are an island, but we’re not alone, Comoros Islands, 2021; Ustad Saami, God is not a terrorist, Pakistan, 2018; Witch Camp (Ghana), I’ve forgotten now who I used to be, Ghana, 2021, all directed by Marilena Delli Umuhoza, music production by Ian Brennan, editing by Giovanni Pellegrini.