Sainey is a 20-year-old boy from Gambia who knows the harsh reality of his destiny: due to an irreversible disease, he risks becoming totally blind. After reaching Italy and discovering that there is no cure here either, he is determined to learn as much as possible to face blindness. In this trip through darkness, Sainey meets a new friend and discovers the passion for a new sport, baseball. So, he decides to film his
story in first person and to show everybody that we must react even against the greatest difficulties.

Sala delle verifiche

Michele Aiello, Michele Cattani
Luca Gennari
Corrado Iuvara
Stefano Collizzolli
Italy, 2021, 68′
audiodescrizione per ciechi, italiano / audio description for the blind and visually impaired, Italian

Refugees Welcome Italia Onlus (RWI) is a non-partisan, non-profit association – founded in Italy at the end of 2015 and a part of the international network of the same name active in 16 countries. It aims to promote a cultural change in Italy and a new model of reception through the accommodation of refugees in families. The association, with a technological platform and a team of qualified professionals, puts refugees in contact with people – individuals, couples, families – who wants to host them for a minimum period of six months. An experience of exchange and sharing at all levels, that aims to facilitate the social inclusion of refugees in our country. The aim of RWI is to promote a new model of local welfare that focuses on family reception services. RWI therefore promotes a model of reception based on exchange, encounter and mutual knowledge between refugees and Italian citizens, which can contribute to combat prejudice and discrimination. This year, the local team in Palermo, which includes about ten activists who are constantly engaged in the local promotion of the RWI project and in the matching process, is going to promote within the Festival the screening of the documentary Un giorno la notte, by Michele Aiello, Michele Cattani and Sainey Fatty. Through Sainey’s story and gaze, RWI once again encouragesintimate encounters between people with different and distant stories who can, however, come close to each other with great simplicity.