The partnership with Reset-Diritti Umani offers us a great challenge this year: HUMAN RIGHTS and THE ENVIRONMENT!

The MOTTO coined by the festival, referred to the Earth, is: “One. For everyone, not just for some“.

Watching the films that Sole Luna Doc Film Festival will propose in Milan means realizing that the bottle that we have eliminated inappropriately is now part of a large continent of waste that floats in the oceans. Having used the air conditioner or heating or the car improperly has produced perennial fine dust. Technology and progress have not only been sources of global well-being, they have sometimes caused human tragedies and irremediable environmental disasters. Man has used new discoveries for inhuman war strategies.

So are we in time to educate the new generations, are we in time to start giving good examples, but, are we in time to improve the situation of our land? Today the planet is taking its toll on us, it is showing us how each of our actions leads to a consequence, how our life, sometimes too comfortable and irresponsible, has put our children’s future at risk.

#TuttiXTerra (All for the Earth), so, as the official hashtag of this edition says, informed on the facts and responsible in the daily action. The DOC showcase will represent a healthy food to encourage awareness.
So to “ONE. For everyone, not just for some “, Sole Luna Doc Film Festival adds “Everyone’s duty“!


chasing houses
Director Justin Time
Photography Stefan Auch, Zebediah Smith, Justin Time
Editing Sebastian Winkels, Justin Time
Producer Transport &; Environment, Gancho
Germany and Usa, 2017 56’
English with italian subtitles

The road movie follows mobile homes accross the highway, connecting the grandiose vastness of the American West to the transitory nature of the homes and the tenuous life stories of their inhabitants. In fragmented stopovers, the film revolves around questions of home, belonging, wealth and the American Dream. Sketched encounters with a former Las Vegas showgirl, a desert recluse, a Navajo couple and a Tea Party member reveal views of hopes and dead-end prospects, class conflicts and the „moving-on mentality“.

closing 18
Director Thomas Boothe
Photography Gregory Harriot
Editing Hélène Attali
Producer Lardux Film
Francia 2016, 97’
English with Italian sudtitles

In the middle of an economic crisis, in the shadow of Wall Street, an institution that represents a less well-known American tradition is booming. The Park Slope Food Coop: a cooperative supermarket where all 16,000 members work 3 hours per months to earn the right to buy the best food in New York at incredibly low prices. The success of this cooperative is a bad new for capitalism and agro-alimentary business, and an opportunity to change the food production and distribution system.

Director Nicolás Richat & Nico Muzi
Photography Nicolás Richat
Editing Daniel Truchi
Producer Mihai Stoica
Belgium, Argentina, 2016, 28’
Spanish with English and Italian subtitles
Frontera Invisible is the true story of Latin American communities trapped in the middle of the world’s longest war, in which big landowners’ rush for palm oil to produce ‘green’ fuel has displaced peasant farmers and indigenous people.

Director Gilles Laurent
Photography Laurent Fénart
Editing Marie-Hélène Mora
Producer CVB
Belgium, 2016, 73′
Japanese with English and italian subtitles
The village of Fukushima, five years after the catastrophe, the village of Tomioka is still abandoned and empty of its five thousand inhabitants. A few rare individuals still live there, however, pacing a land burning with radiation. The seemingly irrational yet peaceful existence of these diehards reminds us that, as a last resort, a patch of land is our strongest bond to the world.

Director Anna De Manincor
Photography Roberto Beani
Editing Anna De Manincor, Davide Pepe
Producer Centre National des Arts de la Rue L’Abattoir (Chalon-sur-Saône, FR)
Francia, 2016, 66’
French with italian subtitles
ZimmerFrei’s film portraits the city of Chalon-sur- Saône with the eyes of science fiction and examines possible futures. How will the city of Chalon-sur- Saône look like in 2040?
The documentary film is a collective and original creation that projects visions, fears and desires on an imaginary and displaced city. Future is already in action into the present.

Small People. Big Trees
Director Vadim Vitovtsev
Photography Alexandr Kiper, Vyacheslav Krasakov, Michail Gudakov
Editing Dmitry Gaenko
Producer Olga Michi
Russia 2016, 45’
Be-bayaga with english and italian subtitles
Central African Republic. Here in the shade of sub-panel rainforests lives a tribe of the shortest people on Earth – the Baka pygmies. As it was hundreds years ago they hunt for meat and gather gifts of big trees. They pray to the spirits of the forest and teach their children to respect the forest, to take from it only what is of great need. But little by little their traditional mode is changing under the pressure of the "Big World" culture.

The last nomads 1
Director Hamdi Ben Ahmed
Photography Slim Balja
Editing Houdhayfa Neffati
Producer No Pasaran Production
Tunisia, 2016, 61’
Arabic with englis and italian subtitles
Sealed off from the world, deep in the Tunisian desert, the Algerian tribe Rebaya; manages to maintain the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors. Today, under the threat of global warming, the resource shortage, the pasture deterioration and the encouragement of the Algerian settlement program, the tribe split up into two parts, one confirming the sedentarization, the other rejecting it…
We are witnessing this debate, observing their evanescent oldie lifestyle, traditions and songs…

The weather forecast 1
Director Ivan Tverdovsky
Photography Sergey Petriga, Yevgeny Kokusev, Ivan Alferov
Editing Andrei Demidov
Producer Producer center Kinofest
Russia, 2016, 45’
Russian with english and italian subtitles
To learn the weather forecast is easy. You can only click on your phone, tablet pc or computer. No one thinks about how this information gets into electronic gadgets. Behind our simple action there is the hard work of people living under meters of snow in the North seas, in the permafrost.

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Review edited by Sole Luna Doc Film Festival
President, Lucia Gotti Venturato
Artistic Direction, Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura
Scientific Direction, Gabriella D’Agostino
Executive Direction, Monica Cosenza
Translation and Subtitles: Stefania Lo Sardo, Chiara Maniscalco, Laura
Communication, Cinzia Costa
Press Office, Laboratorio delle Parole di Francesca Rossini