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Regia/Director Cecilia Mangini, Paolo Pisanelli
Fotografia/Photography Cecilia Mangini
Montaggio/Editing Matteo Gherardini
Produzione/Production OfficinaVisioni in collaborazione con Erratacorrige, Big Sur, Archivio Cinema del reale
Italia 2019, 5’ nessun dialogo/ no dialogue

This is the view of a crowd of spectators, surprised by the audacity of a young girl photographer in an Apulian village, celebrating the anniversary of the Patron Saint. While the band plays, Cecilia Mangini, wearing a blue-jeans, a jacket and the Superikonta 6×6 camera, burst into the steps of the soundbox which is behind the director, who is conducting the Rossini’s most beautiful ouverture: the astonished faces of the audience of Rutigliano show their wonder for what is happening. Click! A frame 55 years long brings back the image of those faces, of men all dressed up to attend the concert in the square… Males of all ages, there are no women except for few half-hidden faces, and one of them is carrying a child with her. In the public square thousand faces, thousand stories, thousand unpredictable paths captured forever by Cecilia’s shot, a street photographer, the only woman to act, ready to enchant and surprise the audience in a single moment, a hundredth of a second which lasts forever.

Due scatole dimenticate

Regia/Director Cecilia Mangini, Paolo Pisanelli
Fotografia/Photography Cecilia Mangini
Montaggio/Editing Matteo Gherardini
Produzione/Production OfficinaVisioni in collaborazione con RAI Cinema
Italia 2020, 58’ italiano, francese con sottotitoli in inglese; audiodescrizione per ciechi, italiano/ Italian, French with English subtitles; audio description for the blind and visually impaired, Italian

The making of a short movie which start with the finding of two boxes is the sparkle to light the memory, useful to remember and to find all the signs of what have been lived. “Due scatole dimenticate” is a chamber play which tells a story of a war, of the memory that fades away, of a challenge against time going by.
Two shoeboxes full of 6×6 negative images, forgotten in an old wardrobe in the attic for over 50 years, are unexpectedly found.
Between 1964 and 1965, the two directors Lino Del Fra and Cecilia Mangini lived in the North Vietnam, which was at war against U.S.A., for three months, to do an investigation for a documentary film about the fight of Vietnamese people willing to conquer unity and independence. From the border with China to that of pro-American South Vietnam, which was occupied by American soldiers, the two directors explored cities, ports, villages, rice fields and battle fronts.
Aiming to bend this resistance, American soldiers burnt the forest with napalm in the South and started a carpet bombing in the North. Lino and Cecilia were repatriated with the several international delegations and all the foreigners which were in Hanoi. Those American bombs affected their film too, which was never made again but, Cecilia Mangini did a great photographic report, partly unpublished.
That war, that resistance, that armed people live again through photographs, letters, memories and memory gaps.

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Regia/Direction Valentina Pedicini
Fotografia/Photography Bastian Esser
Montaggio/Editing Luca Mandrile
Produzione/Production Stemal Entertainment, RAI Cinema
Italia, 2019, 94’ v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese /o.v. with English subtitles

A community of Catholic Shaolin monks, who have chosen to follow the dream of their Master. A film to investigate the flow of “Time” in a closed dimension, a documentary to approach the motivations of a radical choice, trying to understand the reasons that have moved them away from their affections for the sake of a higher war. A journey for the protagonists and for those who will film inside an unknown world, simply defined by the chronicle as “psycho-sect”, but what has been seen and experienced will show the dangers and convictions of those who fight in the name of faith.

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Che fare quando il mondo è in fiamme?

Regia/Direction Roberto Minervini
Fotografia/Photography Diego Romero Suárez-Llanos
Montaggio/Editing Marie-Hélène Dozo
Produzione/Production Okta Film, Pulpa Film con RAI CINEMA, Shellac Sud
Italia, USA, Francia, 2018, 123’ v.o. con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese /o.v. with Italian and English subtitles

What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire? is the story of a community of black people in the American South during the summer 2017, when a string of brutal killings of black men sent shockwaves throughout the country. A meditation on the state of race in America, this film is an intimate portrait into the lives of those who struggle for justice, dignity, and survival in a country not on their side.