Progetto di formazione audiovisiva, Messico | Capacity building project, Mexico

Ambulante Más Allá (Ambulante Beyond) is a documentary production project which seeks to train new directors coming from various corners of Mexico and Central America who have limited access to the tools necessary to share their stories with the general public. Ambulante Más Allá seeks to encourage independent film production that allows marginalized communities to reclaim and strengthen their identity, defend their rights, break stereotypes, and transform negative social assumptions.



Regia | Director: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez
Fotografia | Photography: Clerecia Arcos López
Montaggio | Editing: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez, Clerecia Arcos López, Madely Trujillo
Produzione | Production: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez
Con l’appoggio di| With the support of: Ambulante Más Allá
Messico – 2013 – 11’ – spagnolo con sottotitoli in italiano|Spanish with Italian subtitles

All over Mexico, thousands of young people from indigenous or rural backgrounds have to live far from their family in order to study. Fernando Gómez Pérez is a young man of 19 years who lives in San Cristóbal de La Casas, far from his parents. Lacking their support and presence, Fernando takes refuge in the world of skateboarding, searching for a family among his friends. Eventually drugs and other problems lead him to religion. Nevertheless, Fernando continues seeking a family.


Regia | Director: Bernardino López
Fotografia | Photography: Amelia Hernández, Ambrociana Pablo
Montaggio | Editing: Bernardino López, Madely Trujillo
Produzione | Production: Cristina Vázquez
Con l’appoggio di| With the support of. Ambulante Más Allá
Messico – 2014 – 20’ – spagnolo e tsotsil con sottotitoli in italiano|Spanish and Tsotsil with Italian subtitles

Víctor, a child of 12, works through his own choice as a shoeshine boy in the central square of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, to pay for his education and support his family; he also helps by working in the field. Whilst child labor is approved of and even celebrated in rural zones —children are taught to work from a young age in the city— it is not acceptable and is disapproved of by some sectors. Víctor is in the middle of this cultural conflict: his mother, a young indigenous woman, has taught her children to become igualitarian, independent and responsible individuals.


Regia | Director: Néstor A. Jiménez Díaz
Fotografia | Photography: Juan Antonio Méndez Rodríguez
Montaggio | Editing: Néstor A. Jiménez Díaz
Produzione | Production: Marisela Sánchez Gómez
Con l’appoggio di| With the support of: Ambulante Más Allá
Messico – 2013 – 28’ – Maya-tseltal con sottotitoli in italiano| Mayan-Tseltal with Italian subtitles

The prayers have been lost in the town of Tenejapa, there’s no one who asks for life, illnesses and problems have arrived. The ancient ones, those of the “costumbre”, are no longer accounted for. Alonso Sántis López is one of the few traditional prayer men who have been marked by service to the town. His work consists of asking the gods for the bankilales (elder brothers) and watching over the lives of the people. During the carnival, a ritual in which the new year begins and with it another period of responsibility of the “costumbre”, we meet “El Nail.”


Regia | Director: Concepción Suárez Aguilar
Fotografia | Photography: María Cameras Myers, Concepción Suárez Aguilar,Jaime Luis Mecías Deara
Montaggio | Editing: María Cameras Myers
Produzione | Production: Gemma Estrella
Con l’appoggio di| With the support of: Ambulante Más Allá
In collaborazione con | In partnership with: Solidarios de la Voz del Amate e Inicia A.C.
Messico – 2013 – 19’ – Spagnolo con sottotitoli in italiano| Spanish with Italian subtitles

Rosa López Díaz, a Tsotsil woman was tortured during her pregnancy so that she would claim the fault for a crime of which she pleads innocent, was introduced to many faces of violence against women far before she went to prison. From cell number 5 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, her voice brakes walls and illustrates her dignity.


Regia | Director: Ana Isabel Ramírez Guadarrama
Fotografia | Photography: Ángel López
Montaggio | Editing: Madely Adylene Trujillo Ballinos
Produzione | Production: Blanca Olivia Hernández Hernández
Con l’appoggio di| With the support of: Ambulante Más Allá
Messico – 2013 – 29’ – Spagnolo con sottotitoli in italiano| Spanish with Italian subtitles

January 13, 2007 was a day that Doña Olga and Ana Isabel will never forget. It was a day they found out that someone who was very special to them would not be coming home. It marks the beginning of an uncertain and helpless period in their fight to seek justice that has still not been resolved. This documentary tells the case of Ana Laura, a young woman who was presumably murdered five years ago by one of her teachers. It is narrated by the people who are tied to the facts, as well as by testimonies from Doña Olga and Ana Isabel who struggle to overcome their loss and assure that the crime is not left unpunished.