Sole Luna and The Instituto Cervantes of Palermo

Cervantes 2

Film showcase “Roots and wings” by Sole Luna Doc Film Festival.

The ability to have aspirations is the hallmark of human beings, always hanging between “roots” and “wings”. Daily stories of young people from different corners of the world to tell the present and build a future.
Free entrance

Wednesday February 21st
Instituto Cervantes Palermo, h 19:00
Ex Church of Santa Eulalia dei Catalani. Via Argenteria Nuova 33

Direction: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez
Photography: Clerecia Arcos López
Editing: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez, Clerecia Arcos López, Madely Trujillo
Production: Maricela Isabel Culej Vázquez
Messico, 2013, 11’, o.v. with italian subtitles.

All over Mexico, thousands of young people from indigenous or rural backgrounds have to live far from their family in order to study. Fernando Gómez Pérez is a young 19 years old who lives in San Cristóbal de La Casas, far from his parents. Lacking their support and presence, Fernando takes refuge in the world of skateboarding, searching for a family among his friends. Eventually drugs and other problems lead him to religion. Nevertheless, Fernando continues seeking a family.

Direction: Bernardino López
Photography: Amelia Hernández, Ambrociana Pablo
Editing: Bernardino López, Madely Trujillo
Produzione: Cristina Vázquez
Messico, 2014, 20’, Tstsil and Spanish with Italian subtitles

Víctor, a 12 years old child, works through his own choice as a shoeshine boy in the central square of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, to pay for his education and support his family; he also helps by working in the field. Whilst child labor is approved of and even celebrated in rural zones – children are taught to work from a young age in the city – it is not acceptable and is disapproved of by some sectors. Víctor is in the middle of this cultural conflict: his mother, a young indigenous woman, has taught her children to become igualitarian, independent and responsible individuals.

* Ambulante Más Allá (Ambulante Beyond) is a documentary production project which seeks to train new directors coming from various corners of Mexico and Central America who have limited access to the tools necessary to share their stories with the general public. Ambulante Más Allá seeks to encourage independent film production that allows marginalized communities to reclaim and strengthen their identity, defend their rights, break stereotypes, and transform negative social assumptions.

Ldelibertad_webL DE LIBERTAD
Direction: Javier Hernandez & Marc Guanyabens
Photography: Marc Guanyabens
Editing: Marc Guanyabens
Production: De Los Pies A La Cabeza
Spain, 2016, 11’, o.v. with english and italian subtitles.

L de Libertad narrates the history of Javier Hernández, a young Aragonese boy born without arms, who wants to acquire a driving license with his toes. Sacrifice and perseverance, these are the “weapons” of our hero, who, during a hole month, fights against himself and against any social stigma to reach his goal.

Wednesday February 28th
Instituto Cervantes Palermo, h. 19:00
Ex Church of Santa Eulalia dei Catalani. Via Argenteria Nuova 33

Direction: Frank Provvedi
Photography: Henry Victor Rodriguez
Editing: Henry Victor Rodriguez
Production: Flex Prod. & La Perle Noire
France/Barbados, 2009,52’ Spanish with Italian subtitles

Yarapa is about a School of art called “NYI”, created in 2004 by Agustin Guzman president of the NGO Communidad Tawantinsuyu. The vision of Agustin, shaman, was to use painting, sculpture, and theatre as a therapy to help the youth of the Cocama Indians community living at the Heart of the Amazonian Forest. Indeed kids and teenagers there are facing an identity crisis. They have freedom to choose between their ancestral culture made of agriculture, fishing the spirits of the forest and the modern world represented by the exodus to the city, Lima. This project is universal and could take place in the United States, in a big city, a rich neighbourhood or a ghetto, it could occur anywhere in Europe or in Africa. But this is happening in a remote village called Puerto Miguel nearby the Yarapa river in Perù. Will Agustin’s concept have a sustainable impact? Is Art another way to educate the next generations? Shall we give greater importance to Art in the schooling to face the new challenges of globalization?

Wednesday March 7th
Instituto Cervantes Palermo, h. 19:00
Ex Church of Santa Eulalia dei Catalani. Via Argenteria Nuova 33

Direction: Fèlix Colomer
Photography: Pep Bosch
Editing: Guiu Vallvé
Production: ESCAC FILMS, S.L.U
Spain, 2016, 54’, o.v. with english and italian subtitles.

Sasha is an eight-year-old boy who lives in Ukraine with his mum and five siblings. Their everyday life is involved in misery, poverty and even further complicated by the current war in the country. Sasha leaves Ukraine in order to live during a summer with a Catalan’ family in Catalunya. What he will find out, who he will meet, how he will be affected and how he will live are questions that will arise all throughout the film.

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