The Festival, born in Palermo, is back in Treviso for the third year with 30 films in competition: documentaries by international authors focusing on the topics of human rights violations. The President Gotti Venturato: “More than a festival, Sole Luna is a cultural project that wants to stir the conscience, to strike and involve us, because today there are not quiet outskirts, what happens in the world concerns all of us and everyone must do his part”.

It is an invitation to get involved, not to leave. A proposal that will sometimes provoke, but that ensures the opportunity to know one – or many – different points of view on the complex contemporary geopolitical realities. This is the invitation that the Festival Sole Luna, back in the capital of the March for the third year, consolidating the ideal link with Palermo, the city where the festival was born, launches to the city of Treviso and the entire Northeast, a borderland where hospitality and impatience are the two sides of the same coin. “For 12 years now – says the president and creator of the project Sole Luna, Lucia Gotti Venturato – our aim has been to build bridges of understanding, and bridges to cross to get to the other side, to forge new ties, to learn from others and therefore to grow together. This is also what we want to bring in the next edition of Treviso that will open symbolically September 11th, 15 years after the attack on the Twin Towers. In these Fifteen years our world has completely changed. ” The week of Sole Luna becomes a unique opportunity for those who live in the Northeast, and not only for them, in order to attend the free screening of thirty documentaries made by international authors (many previews). “Looks, stories, tales that provoke us and question us. War and hatred, migration and rights violation, are circumstances that concern us – continues the President – not only because today we are all potentially in danger, but because, in the face of this danger, we can react in two ways: with hostility and intolerance or with sensitivity and knowledge. We believe in this second path as the only one possible, so we have chosen as the motto of this year the hashtag #crearelegami (forge new ties) that you will be actualized through collective artistic works and the direct involvement of the audience. We launch then our invitation to the citizens, especially to the younger generations: get involved. ”

THE PROGRAMME – Sole Luna Festival will take place from September 11th to 18th, in two new prestigious locations: the Council Chamber of the Palazzo dei Trecento, the historical and administrative heart of the city, and Ca’ dei Ricchi, vibrant centre of cultural production thanks to the association TRA – Treviso between Art and Research. The documentaries are divided into three sections: Human Rights, dealing with fundamental human rights issues, My Journey, stories of real and symbolic migrations, Filming Cinema, a showcase that tells the stories of popular film directors. The out of competition section Food for Life is dedicated to food as a source of life, but also as a cultural expression and as a tool for sustainable development. For the second time the festival has been honoured with the MEDAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC, one of the highest recognitions conferred by the State on a cultural event. The works of each section will be judged by six juries: one jury called City of Treviso, the two popular juries, the Soundrivemotion jury, awarding the best soundtrack, the school Jury consisting of teachers and students of the city secondary schools and of the students of DAMS in Padua. In this third edition in Treviso, Sole Luna will also strengthen its presence by participating actively in the activities of Treviso Festival, the network of Treviso associations involved in the cultural life of the territory.

5 THOUSAND PARTICIPANTS IN THE LAST EDITION – Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, which had its debut in 2006 in Palermo and this year celebrates its eleventh edition, since 2014 it has also held in Treviso with great success, about 5,000 participant in 2015. In 2016, the association has also participated in the organization of the 1st edition of the Festival dei Diritti Umani held at the Triennale in Milan from May 3rd to 8th 2016 with a showcase of 32 documentaries presented by Sole Luna.

THE WORKSHOP #CREARELEGAMI – Andrea Segre, the director of Io sono lì (I’m there), will be the tutor of the special workshop that ten lucky emerging young people will have the opportunity to attend during the week of the Festival. The advanced course is open to those who have chosen the filmmaker profession and it will be organized in shooting days, editing, post-production, optimization. The aim is the realization and public screening of a joint work on the topic of the festival #crearelegami (forge new ties). Each author will have about a minute to tell – through a kaleidoscopic collage of stories – his own personal vision. The workshop is realized in technical collaboration with the company Zeta Group, with twenty years experience in video making. All the information to submit your candidacy will be soon on the website:

THE ORGANIZATION – Sole Luna Doc Film Festival in Treviso is made together with the City of Treviso and the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, of the Province of Treviso, of the Region of Veneto, the University of Padua, the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, the Tourist Promotion Consortium Marca Treviso, Ascom, Federturismo Confindustria, the Italian Touring Club, Agcom, and with the support of the Consorzio di Tutela Prosecco Doc, Pixart Printing, Ecor NaturaSì, Poste Italiane, San Benedetto, and in partnership with Zetagroup, Soundrivemotion, Altermind, TCBF, Carta Carbone Festival, Treviso Festival.

President: Lucia Gotti Venturato
Scientific director: Gabriella D’Agostino
Artistic direction: Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura
Production: Sara Paris, Alessandra Pomini
Executive director: Monica Cosenza
Organization Office and translations: Stefania Lo Sardo
Graphic design: Metodo Studio with Melania Grasso

#solelunafestival #crearelegami

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