SOLE LUNA SCHOOL is now a shared reality in the three cities where the showcases in competition are proposed: Palermo, Treviso, Milan. The teachers are the ambassadors of the “Sole Luna” message during the school year by organizing screenings followed by discussions and exchanges.
The films offered are selected from the Association “Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture” archive with particular attention to the issue of human rights.

General objectives
A) Understanding the universal value of human rights
B) Teaching peace and human development
C) Teaching responsibility and respect for others
D) Promoting dialogue, participation and active citizenship

Specific objectives
A) to know and to understand the language of cinema in the narration of complicated realities
B) To reflect on human rights in their global and local dimension
C) To stimulate young people to participate in the festival producing short videos on the subject of human rights
D) To involve young people in the Special Jury of the Festival

IN PALERMO we have involved the students of A. Einstein Scientific High School and N. Cassarà Linguistic High School in partnership with the åbne Gymnasium in Copenhagen.

IN TREVISO we have involved the students of Mazzotti Technical Institute, A. Palladio Technical Institute, the State Arts high school, and the Leonardo Da Vinci Scientific High School in collaboration with the Association Altermind and Sound Rive Emotion.

IN MILAN The project is coordinated by Cidi, the Centre of Democratic Initiative of Teachers. This institution collaborates with the Universities in training and it is part of the CNPI – National Council of Education, nell’IRRE – Regional Institute for Educational Research of Lombardy and Provincial School Council of Milan.

Watching one hour film touches a lot more than many hours of lessons and promotes authentic knowledge: the Sole Luna archive is a database that could in the future be used by many more schools both in Italy and abroad (all the movies tare in original language with subtitles in Italian and English).