Preludio al cinema / Prelude to cinema
in collaborazione con / in cooperation with
The Brass Group Foundation.Scuola Popolare di Musica / The Brass Group Foundation.Popular School of Music
conductor Vito Giordano

The festival will open every day with a concert performed by the young musicians from the Popular School of Music.

Arabella Rustico (contrabbasso)
Fabiano Petrullo (sassofoni)
Gaetano Castiglia (trumpet)
Giuseppe Preiti (el. Piano)
Alessandro Laura (sassofoni)
Giovanni Conte (el. piano)
Vincenzo Pipitone Piccione (piano solo)
Francesco Di Giovanni (guitar)
Vito Vulpetti (bass)
Damiano Vitrano (bass)
Laura Vassallo (voice)

a cura di / curated by
Laura Cappugi, Marcello Alajmo, Maurizio Spadaro


montaggio / editing Maurizio Spadaro
archivio / archive Cricd Filmoteca. Fondo Sicilia Home Movies
produzione / production Cricd
Italia, 2020, 26′
senza dialoghi / no dialogues
in collaborazione con / in collaboration with Cricd Filmoteca
sonorizzato dal vivo da / sonorized by Scuola Popolare di Musica:
Giovanni Balistreri (s. a.),
Bruno Crescente (g. el.),
Arabella Rustico (cbass).

Palermo 1953 is a found-footage film realised with never before seen archival material. The film shows a suggestive view of Palermo in the 50s and was made possible thanks to the Filmoteca Regionale Siciliana “Sicilia Home Movies” collection, where hundreds of amateur celluloid films from different times are gathered. The city – still recovering from the wounds of World War II – is pictured with all its ups and downs: from the boost in the reconstruction of avenues, squares and monuments of great beauty to the street market living in a context of misery and backwardness. Eventually, one last contradiction is revealed. On the one hand, one can see the festive images of Mondello beach, worldly seaside destination; on the other, the recordings of Cala del Porto Vecchio show men bent with fatigue, that earn their living by extracting sand out of the seabed, a high valued resource for the flourishing property speculation.

evento in collaborazione con / event in collaboration with
Società Italiana di Antropologia Culturale (SIAC)

Voices of the rainforest: a day in the life of Bosavi

ricerche, registrazione suono e composizione, fotografia / research, sound recording and composition, still photography Steven Feld
riprese video, drone, editing immagini / videography, drone recording, image editing
Jeremiah Ra Richards
7.1 surround sound editing e mixing Dennis Leonard
produttori esecutivi / executive Producers Caryl e Mickey Hart
supporto produzione locale / local production support School for Advanced Research,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
USA, 2019, 69’
v.o. con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese / o.v. with English and Italian subtitles

Voices of the Rainforest is an eco-rockumentary, a cinema for listening concert of day in the life of the rainforest and the music it inspire in Bosavi, Papua New Guinea. Produced and directed by Steven Feld, who worked in Bosavi 1976-1999 and recorded the original (1991) Voices of the Rainforest CD with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. A 2018 return to Bosavi with filmmaker Jeremiah Richards provided occasion to gather images for the recomposed 25th anniversary 7.1 soundtrack, produced at
Skywalker Sound with acclaimed sound editor Dennis Leonard. All film screening and future sale proceeds benefit the Bosavi Peoples Fund, advocating for  environmental and cultural justice in a remote part of Papua New Guinea.