In Sicily, the valley of the sun, a new great challenge took shape in 2010: the production of new solar panels.
On the slopes of Mount Etna resides Enel Green Power‘s sun factory: 3Sun, a world leader in the production of the latest generation of photovoltaic panels. It is located a few kilometres from Innovation Lab, a study and research campus, which offers integrated services to universities and companies, and creates a network to support the continuous evolution of technologies, particularly photovoltaics but not only. Together, 3Sun and Innovation Lab created the Enel Group’s centre of technological excellence in Catania, in the field of renewable energy and innovative technologies.
Sole Luna Doc Film Festival is making a documentary for Enel Green Power, directed by Ruben Monterosso and Piero Li Donni, which tells the story of this great Italian company in the land of Sicily, a land that has been able to renew itself and open up to sustainable high technology and that can truly find a future of rebirth.