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Arturo torna dal BrasileDirection
Marco Antonio Pani
Paolo Carboni
Marco Antonio Pani
Knulp & Aguabrava Studio/Bastian

Italy, 2010, 36’ Italian

At the end of the Second World War, with a medical degree and a diploma in cinema operator in his pockets, Arturo Usai left his beloved Sardinia to migrate to Brazil. Although he did not find a job in the Brazilian health system, he did not give up and when he got the opportunity he entered the cinematic world, in which he had immediate professional recognition, leading him to work continuously for 13 years in Rio de Janeiro at the peak of its golden age. As an operator of newsreels, and thanks to its professional and communicative capacity, Arturo gets to know the most famous directors and Hollywood stars, presidents, politicians, singers and musicians. Being the filmmaker of the documentaries for Jean Manzon Films, built up his reputation, which led him to participate in the filming of Orfeo Negro by Marcel Camus; a film that would win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. In the early ‘60s, while the TV was starting to compete with newsreels, he was beginning to feel the call of his homeland. With the resolution that characterizes his entire route, Arturo renunces to his film career to specialize in dentistry and to open a clinic in his beloved Alghero.