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deadly honourDirection
Lipika Pelham
Mohammed Jaridi
Natasha Dudinski
Lipika Pelham

Israel, 2009, 58’ Arabic and Hebrew with English and Italian subtitles

Salma had witnessed with powerless anger nine of her cousins being killed in their family homes. But never in her wildest nightmare did she en- visage that her turn would come one day. Nar- rated by a 15-year old girl, Salma, based on a real life survivor of honour killing, ‘Deadly Honour’ documents multiple murders of young women in the Israeli city of Ramle. Juarish is a dejected neighbourhood in Ramle where girls grow up anticipating their turn to face the killers. This fear is sealed with a code of silence – no one talks about the murders, no one goes to court. But the status quo changed one day when the body of a murdered woman was found in a disused well. Women from the com- munity came out for the first time and testified in court against the supposed killers. Through Salma’s story the film explores the dynamics of a powerful clan, originally Bedouins from the southern Negev desert, who had been displaced and resettled in the city following the birth of Israel. As well as projecting the fear and trauma of the survivors, the film also looks into the social fabric of the mixed Jewish-Arab city, where women have integrated better in the main- stream Israeli society than men.