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Chloé Mazlo
Chloé Mazlo
Chloé Mazlo
Les Films Sauvages

France, 2010, 17‘ French with English subtitles

Summer 2006. Paris, France. Chloe is waiting patiently for her departure to Beirut. She has decided to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of her parents’ arrival in France by taking a road trip to Lebanon. Just as they had done to escape the war, but the other way round. The journey is meant to allow her to discover Lebanon, and address her identity issues. Ironically, a new war breaks out a few days before her departure. Her plans are upset, but the irrational attachment she nurtures for this wounded country pushes her to leave nevertheless… The film, while evoking Israel’s invasion of Lebanon four years ago, is about a young woman’s awakening to the world at large, and her identity quest, which is less cultural than generational. We will follow her in her mishaps and surprises, in her apparent carefreeness, to the very end of her existential journey. The animation technique used in the film reinforces its humourous, ironical tone, despite the seriousness of its subject matter and the complexity of the Lebanese situation.