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Enclave Kosovo by Elisabetta ValgiustiDirection
Elisabetta Valgiusti
Dario Caratti
Marco Calvitti
Elisabetta Valgiusti

Italy, 2009, 53’, Italian, Serbian with Italian subtitles

On March 17th and 18th, 2004, the Orthodox monasteries and enclaves belonging to the Serb minority and other minorities in Kosovo and Metohija, were subjected to serious violence and destruction: new displaced people instead of expected returns at that time, 35 other monasteries totally devastated such as the medieval jewel of the Mother of God of Ljeviska. During the war, there have been 250,000 displaced people, 150 Orthodox monuments and thousands of homes destroyed. In this difficult situation, partially under the control of 18,000 men of the international forces, ethnic cleansing took place in the opposite direction to the one which caused the 1999 war, and we have been witnesses of the systematic destruction of a priceless and spiritual heritage. Enclave Kosovo testifies to the solitude of a land protagonist in the history of Europe.