myesape.jpgDirection: Elke Sasse
Photography: Fariba Nilchian, Oliver Gurr, Marcel Schmitz, Frank Lehmann, Jean Schablin
Editing: Janine Dauterich
Production: Berlin producers film GmbH & Co. KG
Germany, 2016, 90’, Arabic, English with Italian subtitles

#MYESCAPE assesses the journey that refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea are forced to undergo as the circumstances in their home-countries became increasingly un-liveable. Hundreds of thousands are leaving their countries, families and old lives behind, in search of some basic safety and freedom. In most cases, the mobile phone became a quintessential tool to facilitate the organisation of escape and the constant companion, and leading many to document their experiences.
The filmmakers chose to use footage that has been shot by the refugees themselves, enabling them to show first-hand accounts through their own eyes and lenses. The camera was there with them as bombs hit their streets and houses were crushed to rubble, as they risked their lives to pass borders by feet, boats, trains or cars.
Their memories provide the evidence for us, and the unique form of narration allows a very personal glimpse into their lives before – during and after their escape – leaving us with an authentic and profound insight to their struggles.