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Erbil, Niniveh refugeesDirection
Elisabetta Valgiusti
Save the Monasteries and Ewtn
Italy, 2015 57′, English

Elisabetta Valgiusti in Iraq among the Christian population that was forced to flee from Mosul and the Nineveh plain to Kurdistan. They were the target of uprooting since the attack of the so-called Islamic State to Mosul on June 10 , 2014, when more than 3.000 families were pushed out of the city . Then on the night of August 6-7, about 120.000- 140.000 Christians of the plain of Nineveh in Mosul province were threatened with death and left their villages and cities where they were representing the largest Christian population in Iraq. They escaped in a few hours with nothing , not even their papers, and now they are surviving very difficult conditions , helped essentially by their churches. The Christian refugees report their escape, their daily problems , their sadness. In their towns and villages in Nineveh , the Christians had created a fair social and cultural system of life notwithstanding the emarginalization and the persecution they underwent especially in the last decade. They all had a house , they had Christian schools and hospitals serving also the Muslims , they had important industries and businesses . Their beautiful and antique churches in Nineveh were always crowded while now they are empty or destroyed , some misused as prisons by Isil.
Nineveh Christians need the urgent help of the international community.