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Dal set del film 'PARTIRE, RITORNARE'   ( villaggio di M'Zonda, Marrakech )Direction
Nene Grignaffini, Francesco Conversano
Roberto Cimatti
Stefano Barnaba
RAI Educational – Movie Movie Srl

Italy, 2007, 50’, Italian

Tangeri: “We are only 14 km far from the Spanish coast. I would like these kilometres to represent a bond rather than a separation. They should be seen as the starting point of an economic, cultural and political exchange between Europe and Africa”. In this way the trip to Morocco begins, guided by Tahar Ben Jelloun, a writer, who will lead us to discover a reality about immigrants and of the young who look at Europe as the paradise where all dreams can be fulfilled. There are those in Morocco who work in order to set a future for their children, for the young, for them to be able to stay in their own country. Many brave women fight every day to give their children a good education in order to prevent them from being forced to leave their own country to live as an immigrant.