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Solo andata, il viaggio di un tuaregDirection
Fabio Caramaschi
Fabio Caramaschi
Silvia Caracciolo
Fabio Caramaschi

Italy, 2010, 52‘ Italian,tamasheq

Sidi is a young Tuareg, migrated with his family from the Nigerian Sahara to Pordenone, in the hart of the industrial italian north-west. When his family leaved for Italy, he was forced by the Italian law on reunification to abandon the yungest son in Niger, who stayed with the grandfather and the last witnesses of their tradition, while his brother Sidi was becoming day by day more Italian. To deal with his doubts and fears, Sidi grabs his camera to discover our world and simultaneously reveals his. Sidi’s investigation reaches a crucial turning point when his father manages to win his long battle against the Italian burocracy and he finally obtaines the documents for his youngest son, Alkassoum.