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Esben Hansen
Jens Kjaer Jensen
Mette Esmark
Xanadu Productions

Denmark, 2007, 28’, Dari, Pasthu and English

The Italian doctor, Alberto Cairo, is a man with a unique mission: He wants to restore the dignity of every mine victim in Afghanistan. Alberto has been head of the Red Cross Orthopaedic Centre in Kabul for the past 15 years. Together with his staff of 150 disabled workers he has helped more than 50.000 mine victims walk again, and he has fought a tough struggle to reintegrate them into the war-torn Afghan society. As Mehdi and Fatima, two new patients arrive, Alberto’s full attention is needed. In a warm and loving portrait, The Italian doctor tells the story of this passionate Italian, and how he – and his Afghan staff of disabled workers – helps the two mine victims back on their feet.