The Art of Documentary (I edition)

The course target was to teach young Iraqi film-makers a set of documentary techniques which would enable them to promote their national culture throughout the world. Investors in Iraqi reconstruction, industrialisation and modernisation can be more easily attracted through images and movies.

The course was held in Palermo within the framework of the Sole e Luna Doc Fest Film Festival. Attendees had the opportunity to be involved in the whole festival schedule (80 movies were shown along with other events).

An “Iraq Night” was included in the event with a folk music concert and the projection of a multi-media sound and video display.

Course Schedule
Prof .Tommaso Casini: “A history of documentary”
Prof. Giovanni Oppedisano: “Editing: the development of 20th-Century Film-Making”
Prof. Carlo Fuscagni: “Documentaries and the Media: Distribution”
Prof. Rubino Rubini: “Direction and industrial documentaries”

Project carried out by: AdnKronos Comunicazione SpA
Project Leader: Letizia La Cava, Adnkronos Convegni
Didactics Leader: Lucia Gotti Venturato

Partner: Doc Fest, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Milano

Sponsor: Regione Siciliana e Comune di Palermo