The art of documentary (II edition)

The aim of the course is to promote documentaries as a means of spreading history, culture, traditions and the wonders of the world, but also to attract investments for the reconstruction, industrialization and modernization of Iraq.

The course saw the participation of film-makers from various Iraqi provinces, with experience in the fields of directing, editing and production. As well as furnishing means and technology, the meeting also aims to promote contact and exchanges of information on the international level.

Various topics were covered during the course:

* production
* directing
* editing
* television scriptwriting
* the history of documentary art
* distribution

Lessons were accompanied by a number of practical exercises.

Participants in the course were 15 students from the University of Palermo and 15 young Iraqi, providing an occasion for profound cultural exchange.

Project carried out by 
AdnKronos Comunicazione SpA

Project overseer
Letizia La Cava, Adnkronos Convegni

Teaching director
Lucia Gotti Venturato

Partner: University of Palermo, Doc Fest, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Milano

Sponsor: Regione Siciliana e Comune di Palermo