Treviso – Partnership with Endorfine Rosa Shocking

ENDORFINE_1Sole Luna – un ponte tra le culture is partner of the showcase Endorfine Rosa Shocking
May-October 2018, Treviso

Films about women in sport
Focus created and curated by Laura Aimone

An intriguing trip around the world through very diverse sports. Undisputed travel companions: women. From Pakistan to Mexico, from Israel to Mongolia, from Ethiopia to Iraq, crossing Palestine, Iran and Europe, the focus will present short and long features films chosen among the best films about sports that travelled the Festival world in the past years. The main genre is documentary, but there are also a series of fiction and animation films.
No matter what the latitude, sports offer women a way to escape from the ordinary life, be it a war situation or a boring existence without any purpose. But they can also be a way to question patriarchal societies, pushing both the personal limits and the boundaries of what is acceptable. Sports may be a passport to a better life or simply a thrill to add more adrenaline to one’s life. Even the most individualistic activity implies some sort of interaction with people around and achieving results always comes at a price. Sports can become a way of living or be turned into art.
A kaleidoscope of film genres and ways of living sports, as diverse as the shades of women.


FREE KICK — Bernabè Rico (Spagna 2012, 13’)
SPEED SISTERS — Amber Fares (Palestina 2015, 80’)

OPERATION MOFFAT — Jen Randall, Claire Carter (UK 2015, 20’)
SALAAM DUNK — David Fine (US/Iraq 2011, 80’)

Ospite della serata e curatela Sole Luna Film Festival
AQUA SALSA — Elia Romanelli (Italia 2015, 26’)
ELIZABETH’S PLAYGROUND — Maris Kerge, Erik Norkroos
(Estonia 2015, 30’)

Serata ospiti del Sole Luna Film Festival
LUCHADORA — River Finlay (Messico 2014, 12’)
GIRL UNBOUND — Erin Heidenreich (US/Pakistan 2016, 80’)

Film con sottotitoli per non udenti
BEACH FLAGS — Sarah Saidan (Francia/Iran 2014, 14’)
WHITE BLESSING — Sengedorj Janchivdorj (Mongolia 2016, 100’)

AFTERGLOW — Tommaso Di Paola, Jack Webber (UK 2016, 6’)
TOWN OF RUNNERS — Jerry Rothwell (Etiopia/UK 2012, 80’)

I film avranno inizio alle ore 20.30
Tutti i film saranno sottotitolati in italiano.


Offerta responsabile,Soci T RA ingresso gratuito.
TRA Treviso Ricerca Arte
Ca’ dei Ricchi. Via Barberia 25, Treviso
Orari: mar – sab 10:00 – 13:00
e 15:30 – 19:30; dom 15:30 – 19:30
+39.0422.419990 / +39.339.6443542
[email protected]

Foto poster by Vivienne Rickman-Poole


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