Wednesday 16/09/2015 programme

Sala Ipogea, Museo di Santa Caterina
9.00-18.00 | 20.00-23.30
Mostra fotografica
FAITH di Mauro Romanzi

Loosing my religion, Marjory Déjardin, Francia, 2014, 70’, francese, inglese
Beyond Islam’s Doors – Oltre le porte dell’Islam, Fabrizio Fantini, Italia, 2014, 85’, italiano con sottotitoli in inglese
Enclave Kosovo, Elisabetta Valgiusti, Italia, 2009, 53’, italiano, serbo con sottotitoli in italiano
Nineveh christians in exile, Elisabetta Valgiusti, Italia 2015, 57’Inglese

Proiezione degli atti del convegno “Un ponte tra le religioni: fede e libertà nell’Ebraismo, nel Cristianesimo e nell’Islam”, anno 2011, settima edizione del Sole Luna Festival.

18.00 Presentation of the book curated by Antonio Costa entitled Carlo Mazzacurati
With Francesco Bonsembiante, Denis Brotto, Giulia Lavarone, Manlio Piva, Rosa Maria Salvatore, Giorgio Tinazzi, Marina Zangirolami.

19.00 Screening of “Ritratti – Andrea Zanotto” by Carlo Mazzacurati

21.00 Screenings

Koltavanej, Concepción Suárez Aguilar
Mexico, 2013, 19’
Spanish with Italian subtitles

Rosa López Díaz, a Tsotsil woman, was tortured during her pregnancy so that she would claim the fault for
a crime of which she pleads innocent, was introduced to many faces of violence against women far before she went to prison. From cell number 5 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, her voice brakes walls and illustrates her dignity.


Sciesopoli, un luogo della memoria, Enrico Grisanti
Italy, 2013, 18’,
Italian with English subtitles

A very special story in a unique place; through some short testimonials,
this documentary tells the story of Sciesopoli, the former fascist colony
of Selvino (BG) that, after the war, housed more than 800 children and young Jews, survived the concentration camps. A story primarily told through images, which wants to attract the viewer’s gaze toward those places, those woods, those rooms and those corridors that were crossed by all these girls and boys who had suffered so much in the previous years and who were trying to make sense
of themselves and their own existence probably right there.



Cantonese rice, Mia Ma
France, 2015, 50’,
French and Chinese with Italian and English subtitles

A round trip between my family and Chinese people recently arrived in France to find meaning in my ignorance of my father tongue, Cantonese.


Riz Cantonais recadrée

We cannot go there now my Dear, Carol Mansour
Lebanon 2014, 42’,
Arabic with Italian and English subtitles

Palestinian refugees have been living
in Syria since they had been forced to flee Palestine in 1948. As the Syrian crisis intensifies, they alongside the Syrians have been affected by the war. Their story, however, is more complex. By fleeing Syria and seeking refuge in Lebanon they are becoming a special category of refugees: they are refugees twice over. As Palestinians they are not entirely welcome in Lebanon.
As refugees, their travel documents are not recognized. As Palestinians, this is the second time they lose everything and find themselves
once more homeless and stateless. This documentary film tells part
of the story of those twice-over refugees. A story where memories were awakened between one exodus and the other, and where loss invades all things striking the very self.
A story where the causes and consequences are known, but not the closure. A story where lives
are continuously being rebuilt and improvised awaiting the return.


We cannot go there

18.00 Omaggio a Carlo Mazzacurati
Presentation of the book Carlo Mazzacurati
Edited by Antonio Costa

19.00 Screenings
Ritratti – Andrea Zanzotto, Carlo Mazzacurati e Marco Paolini
Italy, 2000, 50′

We are become death, Jean-Gabriel Periot
France 2014, 4’,
English with Italian and English subtitles

We knew the world would not be the same.
A few people laughed.
A few people cried.
Most people were silent.


Bla cinima, Lamine Ammar-khodja
France 2014, 82’,
Arabic with Italian and English subtitles

A filmmaker ventures out onto
the streets of Algiers to interview
the people about cinema and is quickly swept away by spontaneous meetings and the realities of the city. The film paints a vivid portrait of the city
of Algiers and is a reflection on
cinema within the country.

Intervista a Lamine Ammar-Khodja


Le chant de la fleur, Jacques Dochamps, José Gualinga
Belgium, Ecuador 2013, 61’,
Spanish and Quechua with Italian and English subtitles

Threatened by the petroleum industry, the Amazonian people of Sarayaku lead a constant fight for their survival. Inspired by an ancestral shaman song, they commit in an incredible challenge of universal reach: the Border of Life.



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