Radiograph of a family, Firouzeh Khosrovani

Through the beautiful and layered language of this film and the intimate and singular story of her family, the director takes us into the deep love of her parents despite their opposite vision of the world while echoing the history of Iran. In this work, there is tenderness, respect and altruism to draw the portrait of a couple, a family, a man, a woman.

Billed as a “sensorial gem”, this film, built with archives is authentic and deals with contemporary issues: religion, war, migration, love.


Mama, Pablo de la Chica

A story that explores the fragility of the residue of trauma through the testimony of a moving woman. In the relationship between the protagonist and the chimpanzees, it seems that she can finally reconciliate herself and restarts her life.


Garderie nocturne, Moumouni Sanou

We give an honorable mention to GARDERIE NOCTURNE for addressing one of the most pressing issues in many African countries which is the place of women.

The photography takes a careful look to these African women and mothers who daily struggle to survive while trying to look after their young kids. The DOP, Piere Maillis-Laval was able to capture the interiority and complexity of these women while keeping the right distance, with an accuracy of the framework and the close environment in which these women live.


Arica, Lars Edman e William Johansson Kalén

The directors of Arica succeed in a sensitive and straightforward way to convey the tragedy of how the disposal of Swedish toxic waste affects the people in a village in Chile all the time bearing respect to the protagonists; never loosening the tension and with a convincing concept of sound vision and editing.


Radiograph of a family, Firouzeh Khosrovani

Like a metronome, the editing punctuates the film’s rhythm and dramaturgy, succeeding in tying together all its different narrative layers: archival images, voice off, music and filmed images. The old archives become, in the director’s hands, very close to the viewer establishing a personal and intimate relationship with History that we can easily make ours.


Radiograph of a family, Firouzeh Khosrovani

A very poetic film and a smart use of music and sound Voices, echoes, environments, lead you to transform static images into dynamic situations All these without ever screaming. Music and sound are information and emotion at the same time and they bring with the legacy all the joys and sorrows of the story.

The music is a strong element of narration so that the sound and the photos come alive. The music reveals the sense of the movie and is totally integrated into the movie.


The members of the Special Jury, composed of male and female students from the Albert Einstein State Scientific High School, the Istituto Magistrale Statale Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile and of the Liceo Benedetto Croce State Scientific High School of Palermo after a careful and passionate review, award as the best documentary of the section features film of the 17th edition of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, the documentary The Last Generation by Mikolaj Borowy, for the following reasons:

– For succeeding in emotionally engaging a young audience, helping them to understand and take on the activists’ perspective. The film enables the audience to recognize and appreciate the peaceful but determined spirit of rebellion which is aimed at changing world policies that are more concerned about profit than the state of health of our planet,

– For offering a valuable analysis of the inner conflict that characterizes the lives of activists,
– For the surprising careful editing and framing that allows to empathize with the protagonists while they experience events, making the viewer an integral part of the documentary,

– For the thorough script and photography that make the narration of a well-known theme original,

– For the exceptional soundtrack which is capable of emotionally guiding the viewer during the events showed in the film, as well as representing an element of unity and solidarity among the protagonists.

Special mention to Radiograph of a family.

The members of the Special Jury, moreover, attribute to the documentary Radiograph of a family by Firouzeh Khosrovani a special mention for the following reasons:

– For the director’s ability to tell the story of her country through fluid editing, able to move quickly and naturally from individual stories to macro-stories,

– For the sound, a fundamental element of the narrative, characterized by a strong symbolic and emotional meaning,

– For the moral and social value of the documentary as an opportunity to reflect on the conditions of women in Iranian society,

– For its ability to narrate the encounter and dialogue between values, cultures, and different existential perspectives in a respectful and suggestive way,

– For the inclusion and use of photographs that create a completely original and compelling language narrative.


The New Italians Jury awards the prize for best documentary film of the short film section to Mama by Pablo de la Chica, a work that holds together, in an original way, the feelings of fear, of hope and social redemption. There are two central themes: the need to safeguard the environment and the extinction of numerous animal species, and the rape of women as a weapon of war, which determines victims to a condition of isolation and of impossibility of redemption by denying them a second chance. From here, as in a fairy tale, an invisible thread unravels which connects the history of the primates, the chimpanzees present in a reserve, and this woman, who establishes a unique, inimitable, loyal, pure relationship with them. The “triumph of love” as a wish to find oneself together with others, aiming for a peaceful future for those who will come after us.



The Alpes, Nael Khleifi

The film is a powerful message of solidarity and humanity and has the ability of narrating without rhetoric the daily actions and efforts of volunteers who, with their simple and “natural” gestures of aid, become true builders of bridges of peace.


Recognition to the project Dadadaun by Teatri alchemici company for the show “Dadalove”


Mama, Pablo de la Chica


The Spark, Valeria Mazzucchi and Antoine Harari