15th edition – Palermo July 2020

Complesso Monumentale di Santa Maria dello Spasimo
Sole Luna Doc Film Festival was first held in 2006 in Palermo and will reach its fifteenth edition in 2020; since 2014 it has developed part of its activities also in Treviso and has been the main partner of the Milan Human Rights Festival for its first three editions taking care of the showcase of the documentaries in competition.
It is an event able to unite and promote the encounter between people, ideas, perspectives and looks and to bring to the attention of the widest possible audience original and courageous points of view through the documentary filmmaking.
The association Sole Luna, A bridge between cultures, the festival’s producer, is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote documentary filmmaking and independent cinema and to enhance new talents also through training courses organized by the experts in the field.
The project is mainly dedicated to young generations and, beyond the public events and festivals, it reaches the Italian high schools offering themed showcases and alternating school / work projects and welcomes trainees and interns from the Universities of Palermo, Padua, Venice, Rome and Turin to the festival venues.
The festival will take place in Santa Maria dello Spasimo in July, an evocative and unique monumental complex, whose construction dates back to 1509 and which develops among courtyards, a large garden, a church without a roof and some exhibition rooms. All events and screenings are free.

The documentaries will be chosen among films from around the world which will be submitted from December 1st 2019 to March 15th 2020 filling the online entry form.

The festival accepts documentaries of any length with particular attention to creative documentaries that deal with social issues, human rights, environmental issues, cultural identities and that are able of stimulating a reflection on unknown or little known realities.

The submission to the festival is free.

Documentaries over 30 minutes.
Documentaries lasting less than 30 minutes.

The direction
President: Lucia Venturato
Scientific Director: Gabriella D’Agostino
Artistic Direction: Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura
Executive Director: Monica Cosenza

Selection Committee
Lucia Gotti Venturato, Chiara Andrich, Andrea Mura, Bernardo Giannone.


The international jury  will assign
prize of €3.000,00 to the best feature film in competition
prize of of €300,00 to the best short film in competition

They will also assign a special mention to the films for:
best direction
best photography
best editing

The “Bridge Between Cultures” Award will be assigned by the president of the association to the film that best expresses the values of solidarity and communication between people, whose promotion represents the aim of the Association.
Soundrivemotion award to the best soundtrack of the film in competion
High schools students prize
New Italians prize
Rubino Rubini Award in memory of the director Rubino Rubini, festival co-funder
Audience prize

Before filling in the entry form, read the rules carefully.