Magione contemporanea
presentazione del progetto/ presentation of the project

Magione contemporanea develops and promotes a sharing of the planning of cultural places, through a general coordination and an integrated communication. Magione Contemporanea is an open project that addresses the existing realities in the area. The first phases of the project were embraced by Dimora Oz, KaOZ, Eglise, Spazio Edicola, Cassata Drone, Galleria Veniero, L’Altro Arte Contemporanea, Push, Ditta Parlato , to then open up to the spaces and cultural operators of a wider area. In 2018 “Manifesta 12” and “Palermo Italian Capital of Culture” made it clear that a good cultural planning is essential to meet the needs of a heterogeneous audience, capable of capturing the demands and complexities of contemporary life. As often happens, macroevents provide the temperature of invisible and permanent conditions, revealing the number and temper of cultural operators that sometimes together or in groups form small ecosystems. The objective of Magione Contemporanea is an effective planning of events through a coherent and widespread communication. The synergy between different operators and communication tools brings an increase and a loyalty of the audience through four key words: connection, coexistence, continuity and community. The joint efforts do not require a homogeneity of the proposals but the direct involvement of cultural operators, inhabitants, institutions, public and private spaces, all with the aim of qualifying the area as a widespread center for contemporary art.