The aim of Prima Onda Fest is to create an original blend between generations of Sicilian artists and the national and international scene, focusing on reception as essential value in the history of Sicily and Palermo, a crossroads between eastern and western culture. Prima Onda Fest emphasises the possibility of communication between several generations, in the belief that the languages of innovation and tradition are addressed to a heterogeneous audience and could be interesting to everyone.
Since the first edition of Prima Onda, a partnership has been established with Sole Luna, which commits itself every year to select a young author, who has participated in an edition of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival and has distinguished himself or herself for his or her qualities of documentary narration, to entrust him or her with the realisation of a video that recounts the Prima Onda Fest edition in a creative and personal way. In 2021, the video was entrusted to director Camilla Iannetti, graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, who worked suggestively on the concept of the wave that gives the festival its title.
Through the montage of actions and sounds captured in the backstage and during the event, the short film gives back its atmospheres of astonishment, movement, and depth in a synthetic and dreamlike way.