Sguardi Doc Italia

Film out of competition

monday july 3
h. 22.30
Cortile Bonet

Il canto delle cicale

Regia/Director Marcella Piccinini
Fotografia/Photography Marcella Piccinini
Montaggio/Editing Marcella Piccinini, Aline Hervé
Produzione/Production Marcella Piccinini
Italia 2022, 69’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese/ Italy 2022, 69’Italian with English subtitles

“We listened to two kinds of music at home: classical music when dad was there, De André and Guccini when he wasn’t. The latter expressed your desire for ideals and freedom, and when dad came home from work, we would immediately stop listening to them. We lived two lives, one with dad and one when he was away: then Natascia, Consuelo, Roberto would come. The magic would come. You loved Don Milani’s motto, “I care.” Teacher you remained so all your life. Now I see you on the smartphone screen. We all live in isolated bubbles that cannot take off and meet. I am constantly thinking of ways to shorten our distance, to take you out of that isolation that has engulfed you.”

wednesday july 5
h. 22.30

Cortile Bonet

Il cerchio

Regia/Director Sophie Chiarello
Fotografia/Photography Sophie Chiarello
Montaggio/Editing Andrea Campajola
Produzione/Production Indigo Film con RAI Cinema
Italia 2022, 108’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese; audiodescrizione per ciechi, italiano / Italy 2022, 108’ Italian with English subtitles; audio description for the blind and visually impaired, Italian

Who are children today? What are they thinking? What do they see and what can they grasp of the adult world? To answer these questions, filmmaker Sophie Chiarello decided to follow elementary school students with her camera for five years, lowering her gaze to child height so as to capture their view of the world.

friday july 7
h. 21.30
Cortile Bonet

Le mura di Bergamo

Regia/Director Stefano Savona
Fotografia/Photography Stefano Savona, Danny Biancardi, Sebastiano Caceffo, Alessandro Drudi, Virginia Nardelli, Benedetta Valabrega, Marta Violante, Silvia Miola
Montaggio/Editing Francesca Sofia Allegra, Davide Minotti, Sara Fgaier
Produzione/Production ILBE Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment spa, Rai Cinema
Italia 2023, 136’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese/ Italy 2023, 136’ Italian with English subtitles

Bergamo, March 2020. The city is a sick body inside its walls. Covid-19 pandemic broke out with a violent and unexpected explosion. There were empty streets, zero trade, meetings forbidden. Every body is alone inside its walls, it is disconnected from the others. Every image, every memory is a fragile piece of the mosaic which made up the city, until yesterday. After the nightmares of this endless night, survived people woke up in an unknown city. The desire to come back home is as strong as the terror of not finding who has been left.
The city’s body is a devastated organism which tries to react. Doctors, nurses, patients, volunteers as well as the ones who did not directly experienced the pain of the disease look for their own role in the process of collective recovery. Collecting and telling stories of those who are no longer with us is a way to elaborate private and collective mourning, to reassemble the close, familiar and social tissue that the pandemic lacerated, and it is also a way to think about the need of a new rituality of death.

tuesday july 4
h. 22.30
Sala Conferenze

I làder de èrba

Regia/Director Luca Rabotti
Fotografia/Photography Gaia Panigalli, Greta Coati
Montaggio/Editing Luca Rabotti
Produzione/Production Albatros Film
Italia 2022, 51’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italy 2022, 51’ Italian with English subtitles

A return to origins and nature, recounting the lives of some shepherds in the Bergamo area. The present territory and the traditions of the past come together, in a constant challenge to the future.

thursday july 6
h. 21.00
Cortile Bonet

Lust chance

Regia/Director Elisabetta Calamela
Fotografia/Photography Giulia Scintu
Montaggio/Editing Fabio Bobbio
Produzione/Production Start S.r.l.
Italia 2022, 60’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese/ Italy 2022, 60’ Italian with English subtitles

Giovanna, faithful to her habits and memories, has lived for a long time isolated in her large house on the Lake of Garda. Rosalia, living in a retirement house in Turin, still wants to follow a vibrant life desire. Her daily life is regular and predictable but she doesn’t give up and dreams of having a fresh start in life. Two female existences who live their old age in a different way now face the director’s research of the old age representation still made of impulses and passions. ”Lust Chance” begins a journey that starts from the desire to find what keeps us attached to life until the end. Also, that trip clashes with the fear of getting old and of being alone without having the time to change.

tuesday july 4
h. 21.00
Cortile Bonet

Qui non c’è niente di speciale

Regia/Director Davide Crudetti
Fotografia/Photography Clara Anicito, Matteo Calore, Davide Crudetti
Montaggio/Editing Filippo Maria Gori
Produzione/Production Apulia Film Commission e Fondazione con il Sud
Italia 2022, 65’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese/ Italy 2022, 65’ Italian with English subtitles

There is only one way from the South to the North of Italy, a narrow, one-way road. Southern Italy is usually where you depart from. In the South, even today, there comes a time in life for many people when a future away from home seems to be the only possible one. And so, every year, entire territories and communities are emptied out, left standing still watching thousands of young people leave. Qui non c’è niente di speciale takes up this old story to tell its opposite. The stories of Peppino, Anna, Alessandro, Marco and Ginevra, are stories of people between the ages of twenty and thirty who have chosen to live in the South. Stories of youth and ruins, of roots and desire to understand the world, of traditions and identities. But also stories of future, of those who believed in defending the right to imagine a tomorrow here, of those who decided to roll up their sleeves and try to do something for their community.

thursday july 6
h. 21.00
Cortile Bonet

Carta urgente para Colombia

regia / director Alberto Diana
montaggio / editing Alberto Diana
produzione / production Gaetano Crivaro, Margherita Pisano (L’Ambulante)
Italia 2022, 12′ spagnolo con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese / Italy 2022, 12′ / Spanish with Italian and English subtitles

May 2021. The people of Colombia have started a demonstration: the police fire back at the demonstrators. The director watches the barricades from another continent: the footage and testimonies of his friends in Medellín give voice to a country that does not surrender, bringing back memories that seemed long gone.

venerdì 7 luglio
h. 21.00
Chiostro Sant’Anna

Manuale di cinematografia per dilettanti vol. 1

Regia/Director Federico Di Corato
Montaggio/Editing Guglielmo Trupia
Produzione/Production Enece Film
Italia 2022, 20’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese/ Italy 2022, 20’ Italian with English subtitles

In the years of the fascist regime in Italy, a wealthy man unknown to history scans the world through his small camera. Guiding and teaching him, there’s a manual where the supposed objectivity of the technique hides the germ of ideology. But in the images still emerge ineffable signs of resistance. 

giovedì 6 luglio
h. 22.30
Chiostro Sant’Anna


Regia/Director Davide Palella
Fotografia/Photography Alessandro Perillo
Montaggio/Editing Davide Palella
Produzione/Production Davide Palella
Italia 2022, 8’ nessun dialogo/ Italy 2022, 8’ no dialogue

Sergio Cortesi dedicated his whole life to the observation of the sun. From 1957 to 2021, he made over 15.000 drawings of sunspots at the Specola Solare in Locarno; he was moved by a monk’s faith to whom his own God has never given an answer.

Spotlight Jacopo Quadri

Friday july 7  – h. 21.00, Cortile Bonet


Regia/Director Jacopo Quadri
Montaggio/Editing Jacopo Quadri
Produzione/Production Jacopo Quadri in collaborazione con Lantia Audiovisivi e RAI 3
Italia 2000, 8’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese/ Italy 2000, 9’ Italian with English subtitles

Nunnery carousels segregation / adored freedom experienced interrupted / divided love sea water splashes light / sunrise plane drops on the skin ocean / feet in the air waves storm destruction. And life goes away / and with it the water of the sea / and the water of tears / and the carousel starling horse / and that disaster remains inside / barely sweetened / as it dares to remember.


Regia/Director Jacopo Quadri
Montaggio/Editing Jacopo Quadri
Produzione/Production Jacopo Quadri
Italia 1997, 9’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese/ Italy 1997, 9’ Italian, English, Bulgarian with English and Italian subtitles

The “statico” is a film and kept in a dry and secure place, away from rats and laboratory parasites. It ceases to be static when it is withdrawn and made into a story, a situation, a post-applicated sensation.

Spotlight Adriano Valerio

Saturday july 8 – h. 20.30, Cortile Bonet

Calcutta 8.40 am

Regia/Director Adriano Valerio
Fotografia/Photography Kaushal Shah
Montaggio/Editing Louise Decelle
Produzione/Production Canal pictures, Films Grand Huit
Francia-India 2022, 14’ v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ France-India 2022, 14’ o.v. with English and Italian subtitles

Once again, Yann is about to leave Calcutta and return to Paris. He has just left his son with his mother and has the whole night to wander the streets of the city where he will only be able to return in a few months.

Mon amour mon ami

Regia/Director Adriano Valerio
Fotografia/Photography Diego Romero Suarez-Ilanos
Montaggio/Editing Alice Roffinengo
Produzione/Production Dugong Films, Films Grand Huit
Italia-Francia 2017, 15’ v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Italy-France 2017, 15’ o.v. with English and Italian subtitles

Daniela and Fouad live in Gubbio, but they both come from the sea, she’s from Bari, he’s from Casablanca. They met by chance, united by a difficult life outside the rules, which has left an indelible mark. By caring for each other, a deep and healing friendship was born. Now that Fouad needs a residence permit, a marriage seems the easiest solution. Daniela agrees. But one step away from the wedding, the ambiguity of his feelings begins to trouble her. Can you pretend to marry someone who really loves you?

The nightwalk

Regia/Director Adriano Valerio
Fotografia/Photography Olivier Dressen
Montaggio/Editing Julien Perrin
Produzione/Production Films Grand Huit, Sayonara Film
Italia-Francia 2021, 15’ v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Italy-France 2021, 15’ o.v. with English and Italian subtitles

Jarvis has just moved to Shanghai when he is suddenly confined to his still empty flat. He finds it difficult to cope with the loneliness and plunges into very dark thoughts and a state of deep anxiety. The only way to escape his nightmares is to run away and cross the deserted city to a friend’s house.