Sguardi Doc Italia

Tuesday 5 July
h. 22,30
Cortile Steri

Il palazzo

Regia/Director Federica Di Giacomo
Fotografia/Photography Clarissa Cappellani
Montaggio/Editing Edoardo Morabito
Produzione/Production Dugong Films, Mimesis Films
Italia-Repubblica Ceca 2021, 97’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italy- Czech Republic 2021, 97’ Italian with English subtitles

In the heart of Rome, face to Saint Peter’s, stands a Palace. The owner, like a renaissance patron, has given through the years shelter to a bizarre group of friends, who turn every nook and cranny of it into a permanent film set. Mauro, the most charismatic of the whole group, directs the residents in a visionary film, gradually isolating himself from the world outside until he no longer leaves the Palace.
At the time of his untimely death, the group of friends reunites, called upon to inherit the thousands of filmed hours of the unfinished masterpiece in which they all participated. A legacy that shakes the group’s numbed spirit and brings each one of them face to face with their youthful fantasies, resulting in a tragicomic coming-of-age novel out of time.

Friday 8 July
h. 22,30
Cortile Abatelli


Regia/Director Stefania Muresu
Fotografia/Photography Stefania Muresu
Montaggio/Editing Stefania Muresu, Enrico Masi, Carlotta Guaraldo
Produzione/Production Caucaso Factory in collaborazione con Roda Film
Italia 2021, 49’ italiano, inglese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Italy 2021, 49’ Italian, English with English and Italian subtitles

Princesa is a young Nigerian woman arrived in Sardinia, victim of human trafficking. Princesa’s face reflects an inner world dominated by fear, the separation from her own land and the desire of redeem herself. A video shot during a Nigerian funeral ritual and the sequence of a Nollywood drama, that contains the biographical traces of the protagonist. Princesa has made a choice, but she is not free yet. 

Wednesday 6 July
h. 22,30
Cortile Abatelli

La ruota del Khadi

Regia/Director Gaia Ceriana Franchetti
Fotografia/Photography Tomaso D’Elia, Ali Hasani, Amaar Abbas, Gaia Ceriana Franchetti
Montaggio/Editing Simone Pallicca
Produzione/Production Indoroman
Italia 2019, 70’ italiano, inglese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Italy 2019, 70’ English,  Italian with English and Italian subtitles

“La ruota del Khadi, l’ordito e la trama dell’India” celebrates two anniversaries: 70 years of diplomatic relations between India and Italy and the 150° anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi (2 October 1869). It was filmed for nearly three years, on several trips, with an Italian-British-Indian troupe and 5 months of editing. It’s a documentary film that tells the story of India, through its textile arts. It shows the variety and richness of fabrics, using the example of three large states full of textile heritage, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, northeast, northwest and south, three geographical and cultural areas.
From the Independence and the Khadi movement, created by Gandhi as a political and economic resistance to the British empire, to the contemporary India, the movie consists of a rich mosaic of people, villages, artisans, fabrics, animals, signs, drawings, notions, perfect movements and prestigious voices. The story is enhanced by the voice and charismatic presence of Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, Mahatma Gandhi’s niece, that lived with him till the age of sixteen.

Monday 4 July
h. 22,30
Cortile Steri

Los Zuluagas

Regia/Director Flavia Montini
Fotografia/Photography Marco Pasquini
Montaggio/Editing Enzo Pompeo AMC
Produzione/Production FilmAffair
Italia-Colombia 2021, 80’ italiano, spagnolo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Italy-Colombia 2021, 80’ Italian, Spanish with English and Italian subtitles

Camilo, 35, son of Colombian guerrillas, returns to his home country after 25 years of exile in Italy. Trying to understand his parents’ radical choices, he immerses himself in the family archive. Extraordinary amateur films and private writings reveal never-ending conflicts and painful memories. A unique opportunity to give life to an impossible dialogue, desired for a long time but never really happened.