Information for the public according to the current regulations of health protection

▶Access to the event is free and open, subject to availability. Please, bring and wear a face mask.
Social distancing of at least 1 meter is mandatory. Staff members are authorized to urge you to respect the government regulations (DPCM June 12th, 2020).
Gatherings in all areas of the building are strictly forbidden. Staff members are authorized to ask you to move and to respect security distance of at least 1 meter.
Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all public areas. You will be allowed to remove the mask only when reaching your seat. For any other subsequent movement (including using the toilet or leaving the hall), you will have to put the mask back on, making sure it covers your mouth and nose.
The Sole Luna Doc Film Festival organization ensures daily sanitization of all areas and surfaces. However, we highly recommend a responsible access to all the spaces of the Spasimo.
In compliance with the provisions of the current regulations, you might be asked to undergo temperature measurement. In case your temperature is higher than 37,5°, you will be discreetly invited to go back home and contact your doctor.
▶ The staff members will always wear a mask and in some cases even face visors. This, in order first to guarantee your safety.
A distance of 2 meters will be guaranteed between you and the organizers, jury members and guests with access to the stage.
Inside the building you will find different sanitizing points available to the public.