— 19.00
inaugurazione e aperitivo di benvenuto / opening and welcome drink
saluti istituzionali / institutional greetings
— 19.45
concerto / concert
Giovanni Feltrin, organo / organ, Camilla Rutelli, voce recitante / reciting voice
— 20.30
concorso / competition
Singing with Angry Bird
Hyewon Jee
Corea del Sud, 2016, 88′, v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / o.v. English and Italian subtitles
A popular Korean opera singer started the Banana Children’s Choir in Pune, India. A journey full of tears and laughters.
— 22.00
concorso / competition
Los ofendidos
Marcela Zamora
El Salvador e Messico, 2016, 85′, v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / o. v. English and Italian subtitles
“In the Salvadoran civil war, my father and thousands more were captured and tortured by the State. These are some of their stories. These
people do not ask for revenge, all that they ask is to know the truth”.
— 20.30
concorso / competition
Emiliano Dante
Italia, 2017, 66′, v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese / o.v. English subtitles
Apennine is a film diary shot between August 2016 and the same month one year later, covering the year of the earthquakes in the Central Apennines, the mountains in Central Italy.
— 22.00
concorso / competition
Raghu Rai. An unframed portrait
Avani Rai
Finlandia, India e Norvegia, 2017, 55′, v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / o.v. English and Italian subtitles
An unframed portrait of Magnum photographer Raghu Rai and his 50 year long journey capturing the stories of India. Raghu Rai’s stories told through the eyes of his own rebel daughter.