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regia / director Cécile Khindria, Vittorio Moroni
fotografia / photography Cécile Khindria, Vittorio Moroni
montaggio / editing Cécile Khindria, Vittorio Moroni
produzione / production 50N
Italia 2022, 76′ francese, cabilo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Italy 2022, 76′ French, Kabyle language with English and Italian subtitles

When Sarah, 30 years old, becomes a mother, she decides to break the silence imposed by his father on their family’s past.
During the Algerian War, her grandfather fought alongside the French against his people independence. When France loses, the entire family flees to Marseille, but instead of being welcomed is locked up in a camp. Here Sarah’s journey starts. Her investigation will reveal what France tried to keep hidden for decades.

Thursday July 6
h. 22.30
Chiostro Sant’Anna