The taste of secrets

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film Description

Regia/Director Guillaume Suon
Fotografia/Photography Guillaume Suon
Montaggio/Editing Gilles Volta
Produzione/Production Tipasa Production, Anti Archive
Francia-Cambogia 2019, 109’ francese, khmer con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ French, Khmer with English and Italian subtitles

The Director wrote: “My mother is a Cambodia genocide survivor. She always refused to tell us about it. Upset by her silence, my brother and I decide to launch our own memory quest. We follow Antoine, a grandson of Armenian genocide survivors who photographs the ghosts of his family and his people in Anatolia”.

July 10
h. 22.30

Please note: The film will only be visible in Italy and shown exceptionally also on  11th of July at 21.00.
A maximum of 500 spectators are allowed to access the online screening