Village of women

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film Description

Regia/Director Tamara Stepanyan
Fotografia/Photography Tamara Stepanyan, Robin Fresson
Montaggio/Editing Olivier Ferrari
Produzione/Production La Huit
Armenia-Francia 2019, 83’ armeno con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Armenian with English and Italian subtitles

A village where women, children and elderly reside. Men leave 9 months of the year to Russia to work. Summer, a slow and friendly atmosphere; women do the hay, cut the grass and store for the winter. Fruits will be canned to be eaten during the cold winter. The sun arouses a certain laziness, a sensual relaxation. Autumn, with it’s different shades of red, is the season of birth and potato harvest. Women and men find intimacy in the coldness of winter, hence women give birth in October and November. Fathers meet their children in December. Preparations start now to welcome men, waiting is long and tiring. Winter is near, a form of suspense sets in: whose husband will come first? The men arrive with the snow. The women are shy, they need time to exist in the presence of men. The children are happy to be close to their fathers. Spring sets in, the atmosphere becomes tensed. Men depart for the land of tsars. Women are weak and sad, but they need to find strength to take care of the children.

July 10
h. 21.00