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Regia/Director Francesco Montagner
Fotografia/Photography Alisa Kovalenko, Serhiy Stetsenko
Montaggio/Editing Jorge Sánchez Calderón
Produzione/Production Analog Vision  
Repubblica Ceca-Slovacchia 2022, 14’ senza dialoghi / Czech Republic- Slovakia 2022, 14’ no dialogue

Under the burning sun, a solitary bull awaits tireless, whilst a man jumps deep into thedarkest waters of his persona, in their common attempt to defeat death. In this silent visual poem, the massive body of a bull appears on the table of a meticulous taxidermist, having died in the hot sun in the middle of a bullfighting arena. Working with the body of an untamed animal, the man is inwardly transformed and finds in the animal’s skin a way to cope with his own mortality and the transience of life. 

thursday july 4
h. 21.00
Cortile Bonet