Circus movements

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film Description

Regia/Director Lukas Berger
Fotografia/Photography Lukas Berger
Montaggio/Editing Mario Gajo de Carvalho, Lukas Berger
Produzione/Production Filmes do Gajo
Portogallo-Germania-Austria-Etiopia 2019, 15’ nessun dialogo/ no dialogue

Some kids, great circus artists, in the magnificent landscapes of Ethiopia. The young girls Liya and Beza doing the Hoola Hoop, Habtamnesh doing the Aerial Hoop or the child Beniyam, only five years old, performing the Footing Acrobatic, are some of those kids. To underline the nomadic life of circus acrobats and their culture the film travels through the rich natural scape of the country and shows simple everyday scenes of rural and city life.