L’ultimu sognu

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Regia/Director Lisa Reboulleau
Fotografia/Photography Lisa Reboulleau, Tarek Sami
Montaggio/Editing Elsa Jonquet
Produzione/Production Les Films du Bilboquet
Francia 2019, 33’ corso, francese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Corsican, French with English and Italian subtitles

In the heart of a Corsican forest at night, a woman dreams of hunting. In the dream, she can see faces in the dead wild animals’ eyes. These are the faces of people who are going to die. It is an ancestral gift that was passed on to her, and it comes from the depth of the island. Nevertheless, today no one seems to care about her visions anymore. Because she is a wild woman, she is a “Mazzera”. There is only a shepherd still paying attention to her.

July 11
h. 21.00