il romanzo delDirection
Gianmarco Serra
Riccardo Domenichini
Barbara Castelli
Salvietti & Barbuffi Editori srl

The Romance of the Sangiovese by Andrea Zanfi is a documentary that, from Maremma to Romagna, runs through the lands of the most popular Italian grape through an unusual literary device: the Sangiovese tells in first person about himself, the lands and the people who work it, through a psychological, anthropological and oenological way. Closely connected with the content and structure of the novel by Andrea Zanfi, the film is also a journey in time and nature: with the ancient voice and the light-hearted tone of his fellow countrymen, the vine reveals some small and uncomfortable truth about his past and its present. The imaginary dialogue between Sangiovese and those who cultivate it ends with an appeal to the celebrated wine, after having conquered the world, can get back on the boards of Tuscany and Romagna.
The movie opens significantly with stock footage of the Chianti drawn from the documentary Perché Siena Viva of 1968 and ends with a banquet country in which the contradictions of the modern world seem, at least for a moment, moved away.