#elgoogo project – TIDES – A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some broken)


Imagine an island. Within this island there is another island. And within this other island there is a city: a city with two different names. Inside this city with two names, flows a river. This documentary is its autobiography.
Is the story of a river able to reveal a sense of life imprisoned by history? Despite the end of the conflict, in Northern Ireland there is still a city with two different names: Derry, for Catholics, Londonderry for Protestants. In the middle of the city, flows the river Foyle, which separates them and at the same time act’s as their border. From 1969, when the most recent Northern Irish conflict started, most of the Protestants residents moved out of the area in fear of intimidation and sectarian violence.
The film is narrated from the point of view of the river itself, through dreamlike sequences and archive material made by ordinary people in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – invites us to discover its story through the voice of the river: how was this liquid wall seen, heard, and experienced by the lives of those it passed on its long run to the ocean? What could it tell us? What does it know about us? Visually moving between past and present times, the River Foyle invites us to reflect on issues that are going beyond its own borders. It raises interesting questions like what is a border? And are the dreams of those who lived before the conflict different from those dreamed today? And above all, what happened to our dreams?


Food for thought…

The whole film is a work of art, in particular its visuals and the script.
There were many phrases that stood out but I have tried to narrow it down to four.

“Is it the war that divides or is it what starts the war that divides?”
“What witchcraft whispers in your ear: be afraid of the other?”
“One day I was told I became a border”
“History never says goodbye, it comes back repeating its journey” Do you agree?

Don’t forget to share the documentary with your friends and family! We need to raise awareness, unite and continue to #establishties.

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