Anita, lost in the news

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film Description

Regia/Director Behzad Nalbandi
Fotografia/Photography Behzad Nalbandi
Montaggio/Editing Gabriela Behzad Nalbandi
Produzione/Production Behzad Nalbandi
Iran 2023, 17’ curdo, turco, inglese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Iran 2023, 17’ Kurdish, Turkish, English with English and Italian subtitles

On October 27th, 2020 an inflatable boat leaves the coast of Dunkirk, France, to take 19 illegal immigrants to England; however, it is capsized after a few minutes. Seven migrants drowned in the English Channel, five belonged to a Kurdish-Iranian family (Rasoul 35, Shiva 35, Anita 9, Armin 6 and Artin just 15 months) who had gone on this difficult journey dreaming of a better life. This is an anima-documentary based on a true story.

saturday july 6
h. 21.00
Chiostro Sant’Anna