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Regia/Director Adriano Valerio
Fotografia/Photography Diego Romero Suarez-Ilanos, Jonathan Ricquebourg
Montaggio/Editing Andrea Maguolo, Alice Roffinengo
Produzione/Production Films Grand Huit, Dugong Films
Francia-Italia 2023, 63’ arabo, italiano, francese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ France-Italy 2023, 63’ Arabic, Italian, French with English and Italian subtitles

Fouad, a Moroccan clandestine living in Italy for years, and Daniela, a former drug-addict from Apulia’s upper middle-class, find each other by chance in Umbria. The meeting is the beginning of a love that helps them heal. But Fouad’s feeling of not belonging and the interminable wait for a visa are pushing him to the brink: will he stay in Umbria or go back to Casablanca, even if it means never to return?

sabato 6 luglio
h. 22.30
Cortile Bonet