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film Description

Regia/Directors Gianfranco Bonadies, Paolo Martino
Fotografia/Photography Valentina Pacifici
Montaggio/Editing Tommaso Orbi
Produzione/Production Macma
Italia 2019, 29’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italian with English subtitles

Alberto and Sulayman, two special friends, live in Pratomagno, a mountain in the heart of Italy. Alberto was born among this pleasant land’s pastures, Sulayman is a young shepherd arrived by sea from Gambia. Far from the valley’s frenzy, they live in peace and in symbiosis with nature and with animals, until a dark foretoken announces a rift. After several years, Alberto goes back to Pratomagno, to his childhood places. There is nobody left there, only his memories and a torrential almost undying rain in which everything collapses. What about us? Will we collapse or reborn?