Until the sun dies

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film Description

Regia/Director Jonas Brander
Fotografia/Photography Jonas Brander
Montaggio/Editing Isabel Otálvaro (ECCA), Jonas Brander
Produzione/Production urua films
Colombia 2023, 88’ spagnolo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Colombia 2023, 88’ Spanish with English and Italian subtitles

Until The Sun Dies unfolds its stories over co-incidences of the contrary: life born from death, and death from the pursuit of peace and justice. Through its insight into the struggles of two social leaders in Colombia’s “post-conflict“ era, the film invites us to delve deeply into the stories of those who have defied violence. Two intimate portrayals, told side-by-side on simultaneous struggles, woven together into a universal story of courage. Until The Sun Dies is a tribute to the thousands and thousands of lives lost in a war that was never their war. A restless meditation on territory and identity, sorrow and community.

wednesday 3 july
h. 22.30
Chiostro Sant’Anna