Programme Wednesday September 13th | Sole Luna Doc Film Festival Treviso

Sole Luna Treviso Doc Film Festival
11-17 settembre / September 2017
Sala dei Trecento
TRA, Ca’ dei Ricchi
Ingresso gratuito/free entrance

Mercoledì 13 settembre | Wednesday September 13th

Sala dei Trecento
20.00 concorso | competition
L’Eau sacrée
Olivier Jourdain, Belgio, 2016, 55’
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

“Sacred water” is a respectful ode to female pleasure in Rwanda, with a sense of humor and no trace of embarrassment. Guided by Vestine, an extravagant star of radio nights, the film discovers Rwandan sexuality in search of the water that gushes out the female body and reveals with humor and spontaneity the mystery of female ejaculation.
The documentary confronts the western viewer with its own intimacy and immerses you into a modern Rwanda rediscovering its heritage in the most secret way: female pleasure.

20.00 concorso | competition
Cláudia Varejão, Portogallo 2016, 113’
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

When cherry-trees bloom in the small town of Wagu, the Ama-San, i.e. “the women of the sea”, go to the seaside and turn into actual marine beings. They plunge into the secrets of the ocean waters searching for algae, crustaceans, and mussels. Like creatures of the abyss, the deft gestures of these women from different generations preserve the ritual of ancient fishing, based at once on strength and gentleness.

TRA, Ca’ dei Ricchi
19.00 Music in doc
Caravane Touareg
Arnaud Zajtman, Marlène Rabaud, Belgio 2016, 57’
v.o. sott. ing e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

In 2012, hundreds of thousand Tuareg civilians flee from the North of Mali which dives into war. Through the epic of Disco, a Tuareg singer committed to peace, and followed over a period of ten years, we discover the challenges which the Tuareg face and the causes of the war in Mali.

disco et guitariste

20.00 concorso | competition
Dead ears
Linas Mikuta, Lituania 2016, 42’
v.o. sott. ing. e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

Two men, an aged farmer and his deaf-mute son, live in a remote area, isolated from civilization. Though sharing the same roof, problems, and sorrows, they remain very distant from one another. Their attempts at conversation turn into misunderstanding, if not conflict. The father thinks his son is abnormal and childish. The son sees his father as insensitive and crude. Can the two men find their way towards understanding one another?

Filmo ŠALTOS AUSYS / DEAD EARS anonsas / trailer from MONOKLIS on Vimeo.

21.00 concorso | competition
Une vie contre l’oublie
Kita Bauchet, Belgio, 2016, 66’
v.o. sott. ing e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

André Dartevelle, Belgium journalist and director, built up a body of work ‘of opposition’ over the course of 40 years, tirelessly giving a voice to the oppressed. Witnessing world conflicts and with social issues in Belgium, and more generally the work of remembrance, close to his heart, he was to highlight the major social and political struggles of his time. With his accounts and those of his collaborators, he insistently revisits key moments of our contemporary history. With André Dartevelle, Luc Dardenne, Michel Khleifi, Hugues Le Paige, Josy Dubié, Wilbur Leguebe, Emmanuelle Dupuis and Alain Lapiower.

Une vie contre l’oubli – Trailer FR/EN from Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bxl on Vimeo.


22.10 concorso | competition
Brother Jakob, Eli Roland Sachs
Germania, 2016, 92’
v.o. sott. ing e ita. | o.v. Eng. and Ita. sub.

Jakob had his epiphany in the Moroccan mountains where he came across an English language edition of the Quran and converted to Islam. That day changed his relationship with his family, relatives and friends fundamentally. Especially the one with his brother, the director of this very personal film about an alienation. For two years he followed Jakob’s development as the latter quickly radicalised himself and considers himself a Salafist. His attitude became doctrinaire. Believing meant not doubting.

Brother Jakob trailer from Taskovski Films on Vimeo.


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