Programme 6 July 2017 Palermo | Sole Luna Doc Film Festival

Sole Luna Doc Film Festival
3 – 9 luglio /July 2017
Santa Maria dello Spasimo Palermo
Ingresso gratuito/free entrance

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19.00 Creare legami | Establish ties

Laboratorio Teatrale all’Ucciardone Don Chisciotte: sogni di giustizia
Presentazione del progetto | Presentation of the project

21.00 Concorso | Competition
Vuelo nocturno, Nicolas Herzog
Argentina 2016, 70’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles

A series of videos that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry sent to the filmmaker Jean Renoir in 1941 are the starting point to reconstruct the love affair between the French writer and aviator with the “Argentine princesses” Edda and Suzzane Fuchs who are main characters of the chapter “Oasis” in his book Earth of Men and muses of The Little Prince.

T_06_02478 copia

Art in doc
Ousmane Sow le soleil en face, Béatrice Soulé
Francia, 2015, 53’, v.o. sott. italiano|o.v. Italian subtitles

In collaborazione con / In collaboration with Institut Français Palermo

This is the story of the passing of time, to the slow rhythm of Ousmane Sow and that of the time that rushes, from the birth of a work to its hatching. In the intimacy of the house of the sculptor in Dakar, a house in full creation, Béatrice Soulé shares her emotion of watching these works emerging from the sand that seem to go from death to life.

Concorso | Competition
Sasha, Fèlix Colomer
Spagna, 2016, 54’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. Italian and English subtitles
Regista in sala| Meet the author

In collaborazione con / In collaboration with Istituto Cervantes Palermo

Sasha is an eight-year-old boy who lives in Ukraine with his mum and five siblings. Their everyday life is involved in misery, poverty and even further complicated by the current war in the country. Sasha leaves Ukraine in order to live during a summer with a Catalan’ family in Catalunya. What he will find out, who he will meet, how he will be affected and how he will live are questions that will arise all throughout the film.

SASHA (Trailer English) from SASHA on Vimeo.

21.00 Concorso | Competition
I cormorani, Fabio Bobbio
Italia, 2016, 86’, v.o. sottotitoli in inglese | o.v. English subtitles
Regista in sala | Meet the author

Matteo and Samuele are twelve years old and during the summer they spend their days between the river, the woods and the mall, but compared to previous years something is changing. The game becomes boring, fantasy gives way to discovery, adventure becomes a life experience. A summer with no beginning and with no end, the story of a friendship, of an age and of a territory forced to change with the time flowing inexorable.

Overdrive. Return point, Natalia Gugueva
Russia, 2016, 93’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles

The film is about the difficult inner conflict between Russian and Ukrainian pilots – former comrades-in-arms, fellow soldiers and fellow citizens-  in the times when Ukrainian bombs fall on Donbass.

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